Tips for moving in day at uni

Moving into student halls is such a big day… as cheesy as it may sound, it is where your university journey starts. There can be lots to do on moving in day, so it’s important to be prepared. Continue reading to find out some tips for moving in day!

Student and her family at Manor Park reception.

Check what students halls provide

There is no point bringing items that the university already provides. For example, there is a lamp and bin already provided… not packing these items will save space for other items and potentially save you money if you were considering purchasing them.

Make sure you don’t bring any prohibited items

Prior to moving into university halls, students are required to complete a briefing which includes health and safety. Items like candles and electronic heaters are not allowed, so make sure you don’t bring them with you.

Pack ‘lightly’

Although easier said than done, try to pack lightly. Think about when you may next be going home so you can get ‘summer’ clothing for example. If you need things once you’ve moved in, Guildford Town Centre is only a 15-20 minute walk away from Stag Hill campus.

Label your boxes

Packing your belongings in boxes or large bags will make it easier when you move in. Make sure to label these boxes and bags so you know where they need to go and it will make unpacking faster.

Student in halls

Get to know your flatmates

Moving in day will be the first time you will be meeting your flatmates face to face. Spend time with each other, whether that’s helping your neighbour unpack or have dinner together in the evening.

Bring snacks

Moving in day can be understandably tiring, so bring snacks to help you along! If you bring any family or friends with you when you move in, you could go out for a final meal in Guildford before they leave.

Dress appropriately

Moving in day can get very warm with family/friends in your room helping you to unpack and lifting bags and boxes… so make sure you dress appropriately.

Bring clothes on hangers

If you arrive to university by car, leave your clothing on hangers instead of packing them in a suitcase. This will make unpacking a lot quicker!

Make your bed last

When you move into your room, there will be stuff everywhere!! Put clean sheets on your bed last to keep it clean.

Student moving into halls.

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