Surrey student experience

Current students share their thoughts on planning for university, student life and what it’s like to study at the University of Surrey.

3 Fun Veggie Recipes for Students!

Need some meal inspiration? Here are my top three veggie meals I cook at uni! Chilli: Meat-free mince Two cans of chopped tomatoes Chilli flakes (to taste) Salt and pepper (to taste) 6 chopped mushrooms 1 can of kidney beans 1 chopped onion 1 clove of garlic Serves 4-5 (or more depending on portion) Chop […]

Best ways to meet people at University

My fresher’s week experience was, I’m sure, much like everyone else’s: I went on a few nights out at Rubix and signed up for way too many societies. Meeting as many friends as possible was important for me because I quickly discovered that you’re not always going to be best friends with your flatmates (which […]

Tips to improve your grades

Semester 1 has now ended and we are comfortably in semester 2 with assignment deadlines fast approaching. This is the chance to look back at our academic mistakes, improve our skills and achieve higher marks. In this blog, I will provide you 12 with tips on how to improve your performance when it comes to […]

Studying for Exams at Surrey

When the exam season is upon us, the University is on a bit of a shutdown. The library is packed, there are coffee cups everywhere and the launderette is totally empty. I wanted to write to share my experience of revising during this important time, because there’s a lot less structure to your days than […]

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