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  • Two speeches on Europe, half an idea


    “The Pope’s totally with me on this one”

    It’s that time of year when people apparently decide they need to talk about ‘Europe’: this week we’ve seen two good examples of why this might not be such a good idea.

    The first, made by former British agriculture minister, Owen Paterson, to the eurosceptic lobby Business for Britain, came on Monday.

    At one level, it marks an important strengthening of the confidence of the Tory backbench in articulating their demands of David Cameron: as a figure with a certain degree of influence (and a ministerial track record to boot), Paterson is not so easily ignored as others who have never been trusted with a portfolio. Couple that with his ability to share his insider perspective, and it was not surprising that many media outlets chose to give it a good degree of prominence.

  • 传说中的圣诞节又要来了

    这才是十一月 ,town center 就有了圣诞节的味道,各大品牌都有discount,各式的促销活动就这样开始了,所以中国来的童鞋们不用带太多衣服,打折时衣服还是很便宜的。下面的照片是town center最大的商场Friary 的圣诞节的装饰,各种彩灯就这样隆重登场了。
    image (7)
    image (9)
    上周的 “Christmas light switch-on event”吸引了很多人参加,大家都想感受一下节日的气氛,在town center有灯盏的倒计时牌,大家可以想象,身边的魔幻的灯突然亮起,是一种什么样子的心情。好多都是全家集体出动,Guildford又变成了人山人海。还有现场唱歌的舞台,一片节日的氛围。
    image (3)

    image (5)

    image (8)

    大家有时间也可以去town center 参观下灯盏,感受一下圣诞节的气氛。还没有来Surrey的朋友,明年可以去看一看,很有意思的。

  • Chuter-Aston-Skeldon-Roulstone paper on dynamical systems and data assimilation appears in Chaos

    chuter-etal_figureThe paper “A dynamical systems analysis of the data assimilation linked ecosystem carbon (DALEC) models” has been accepted for publication in the journal Chaos, co-authored by the Surrey team consisting of Anna Chuter, Philip Aston, Anne Skeldon, and Ian Roulstone.  The paper considers the qualitative behaviour of one of the simplest carbon cycle models, the Data Assimilation Linked Ecosystem Carbon (DALEC) model, which is a simple vegetation model of processes involved in the carbon cycle of forests, and consider in detail the dynamical structure of the model. Our analysis shows that the dynamics of both evergreen and deciduous forests in DALEC are dependent on a few key parameters and it is possible to find a limit point where there is stable sustainable behaviour on one side but unsustainable conditions on the other side. The fact that typical parameter values reside close to this limit point highlights the difficulty of predicting even the correct trend without sufficient data and has implications for the use of data assimilation methods.  The published version of the article is available here.

  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile

    LinkedIn is the largest professional network, offering fantastic opportunities to connect with industry professionals in your field. There are 322 million professionals on LinkedIn spanning across over 200 countries and territories.

    LinkedIn provides you with a professional profile, not unlike an online CV. However, this is not the only feature LinkedIn offers. You can connect with individuals you’ve worked with, join groups of like-minded individuals and network, share your expertise with LinkedIn blog posts and keep up with latest industry developments.

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    Profile optimisation

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