From Indonesia to Surrey

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Indonesian student

Watching Koe no Katachi

Hey everyone,

Lina here.

Yesterday, was a blast for me. So let me me get to the story.

Koe no Katachi (silent voice), is an anime movie based on a manga with the same title. Usually, animation related movie is only aired in specific locations (which mostly in big cities like London, Birmingham or any part of London and Guildford is quite rare).
I live in Guildford and It was quite rate to finally see Japan animation like this without going to London or something.


Knowing this, Anime/Game Society (AGS), was holding a watching together with the whole society. The president, was booking all the ticket for us who want to pay for the ticket to him later on. So, I booked a ticket and voila! I get a seat. He mass booked it way before the show aired, so we kinda get half of the whole studio for ourselves.

Near the screening time, my friend saw the Facebook event of it (made by the society president). So, I asked her out instead if she wants to watch together and she did!

She was so excited, so she came in early to Guildford. It was a good choice tho, because we can get her ticket earlier to get the nearest seat to mine.

Once done, I asked her to come along and meet with the whole society.
This was on our way to the Uni

I was an idiot because I showed her the back entrance instead of the front.


Oh well, those are the view from the backside of the Uni. From the Catedral.

When we arrived and got to meet everyone, we watched some recent and old anime to kill times (our screening was at 20:15 and we arrived there around 18:00 something. Plenty of times).

Once done and almost time, he headed there. We walked tho :p

The cineme (Odeon) is not quite far. Near the train station. About 15 mins walk from uni to the cinema.

After we arrived there, get the ticket for those didn’t get the ticket yet. Got our popcorn and drinks. We head there!

It was an enjoyable show. 10/10 would watch again. Love the seiyuus (voice actors), love the stories and by God, it’s so beautiful.

So, awesome day yesterday in the middle of a hectic month.

Anyway, see ya!! Will need to get going to study again!

Thank you for reading 🙂


Surbiton: London Sonoan Dikit

Hello semua!!

Lina is here!!

Sorry guys for not writing anything last month, I was in some deep studying with everything that I study for this semester XD

But I want to talk with you and don’t want you feel left out.
By the way, how are you guys, I hope you are well. How is the weather there? I’m forget what season is it this month. Rainy?
Duren season?? Rambutan?? Lol!!

Anyway, remember the friend that I went for ice skating? Since last time she visited me in Guildford, it’s my chance to visit her in the town she accustoms to. Surbiton.

To be honest, I was expecting a town quite like Guildford. Since the name kind of giving me the vibe and impressions for it. But when I stepped out from the town’s train station, men!!

It was like a smaller London!!

Well, it’s technically part of London. It’s only an hour long travel for only £4.90 if you have rail card (seriously, get rail card when you get here and wanting to travel. It saves you lots).

So, I stepped out. Amazed with what I saw. It was so packed and very much have so much variety of shops (not like guildford don’t have any, but something’s just can’t be get in Guildford). Anyway, there are a lot of people…
I went there this Friday and it was the school leaving time (when you have a lot of school students out and go home). It was so packed!!

You need to have 2 bus in a row to get all the student in!
And to tell you the truth, it’s still fun. Although my friend was saying sorry about it and annoyed with the fact it was so packed.
Nevertheless, it was a fun experience.

We were just hang out, went to art shops and cheap textile/fabric shops for my next cosplay. Bought art supplies for the same purpose and stayed for a while for dinner in Yo sushi (seriously, you can’t never underestimate the small portion there… small, but full filling).

Done eating our meals, we stayed and chatted about many things. Relationships, friends of friends, issue/gossips about the host event we went to, etc.

Oh, the place we ate was like a mall. Just imagine this Yo Sushi is Hanamasa and it’s placed in a mall.
It’s so rare to find a mall like place is UK, only big cities that have those.

Nevertheless, Surbiton was an awesome place!
The town centre is like in Liverpool but bigger. Very nice place. It’s quite happy that I found one.
Maybe that’s all for now. It was a nice place, if you come here, make sure to check out Surbiton. You get vintage vibe + modern.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Nice Weekend



Lina here.

This weekend makes me really happy. Not only I get to meet someone but also, when he arrived, we get to watch and play with my society.

Okay. So a friend of mine from outside Guildford is coming over for hang out and chill.

When my friend arrived (on Friday), I ask him whether he want to come and watch Ghost in the shell along with The rest of anime society. He said why not and we end up met in my campus.

It was my friend’s first time went to University of Surrey and he said, it’s really big. Bigger than he imagined to be.

The structure and the places, are confusing. Which I agree. Because I needed to adjust and ask around people about whereabouts my position (I tend to get lost In my first 1 month and learned the land map of the campus).

Well, I’m a tour guide. So at least I know where I’m going and It is become my habit to know where exactly I am in the Uni.

Anyway, I gave him a small tour before watching and then I introduced him to the rest of the anime society (and btw, my friend is also an otaku/ likes anime/nerd).

Once done with the movie, the anime leader in the society was asking everyone who wanted to join cards against humanity, the anime version.
We did joining in and it was soo fun.

My friend ended up winning the game (tbh, I’m just there for having fun with the rest of them. So not winning isn’t so much of trolling for me).

At the end of the day, we were having fun and that’s the important thing. He was having fun and so do I.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading l!!


Hang out with friend


Hi guys!!

Back again with Lina. How are you guys? I hope you are well and healthy so does your family and your acquaintances 🙂

So yesterday I went hangout with my friend. Remember the post that I told you about I went to an anime/cosplay community? I went with the same person when I went to the community.

She live nearby, so she asked if we can hang out together 🙂

So, we meet up in Guildford bus station and we bought bubble tea (first try and it’s soo good!! I bought Matcha tea while she bought Vanilla tea). There offers tapioca pearl too btw.

Anyway, we met at almost 2 pm. So we head to Yo Sushi, a Japanese Sushi restaurant (they have sushi belt thing like you see in many Japanese Sushi Restaurants). If you choose carefully, you end up pay a lot of money but if yo calculated enough, you can get stuff quite cheap.
Also, apparently on Monday. You get stuff cheaper… so I may try that next time.


Once we done with the food (it was sooo great and fulfilling, even in small portions).

We went to this place called spectrum!
It’s like sport centre!

They offer swimming pools (looks like a mini waterboom to me), ice rink and gym space.

We went to the ice rink of course and mind you, it’s been a long long time (almost 10 years) since I skate before! All of my body tried to remember how to even balance myself XD

It was soo fun!


That’s the swimming place/mini water boom I told you earlier.

And next is the ice rink!

img_3769 img_3770

It’s soo fun and lovely there!!

You don’t have to buy your own skating shoes (if you want to. It’s up to you), they offers the skating shoes lend thing (just like in Indonesia).

Either way, it’s sooo fun!
And next time, I would love to try the swimming pool!
There’s the play ground swimming pool and the serious swimming place and seriously, it looks so fun XD

Love this place!!
Also, the skating is in session and each session (2 hours) cost £8.

So!!! Would go there again next time!!
Omg!! I’m so excited still with the ice rink!

To me, it’s so nostalgic!


I will end it now since I’m still hype with the fact I can live up my nostalgic feelings again XD

10 years peeps!! It’s that long!!


I will end this up!

Thanks for reading!!

love you guys!!

Lina XD

Part- Time Career Fair

Hey guys!!

Meet again with me, Lina. How are you?
I hope you are okay, healthy and eating well.

So! I recently attend a small job fair that the Uni held in one of their venue place (The Rubix, it is near student union building!).

The reason I attended that, is just to look and see. It didn’t have any fee to enter, just sign in your name and you good to go!

The Job fair itself is for part-time job employers. Meaning, those who have a stand there only offer possible part-time places/Jobs. I think there is one placement stand from Heathrow but it is only just 1 out of several possible employers.

It was fun, there are many range of work is offered and I signed in to several of them too, just to see what they were offering.

Since this is part time job fair, the work offered there is either things that are not required many complex things and one of the company I approached to, was even told me that they also offer training first before working.
Although the possible employer there told me that waiting jobs (waitress work) experience can be useful, but even without, it’s still okay.

Some of them offered tutoring Jobs, mostly specifically for those junior/high school level (grade 11 below) who will need to face exams like IGCSE / A level. These instances are similar to the likes of Primagama or Kumon.

Anyhow, I still signed in to some of them. I promise you that, in my life so far, I never teach anyone below my age about anything. So, personally… I kind of wary to teach anyone XD

There are also jobs like carers, event manager, event goers, part time waiting jobs (as I mentioned just now), wedding chef/maid, and many more.
The Mall in Guildford (Friary Mall), also made a stand there to tell students about shops in their buildings about who need extra staffing. Flexible time and can ask for weekend work if you wish.

I am considering the last option tho, but we’ll see.

Also, these are the pictures I manage to get for the event.

First Week After Holiday



Back again with Lina!

First week after the holiday… it’s so quick to pass~

Been sick and in bed for the past 3 days due to monthly sickness~ (I’m prone to have severe pain whenever I’m in my “female sickness”).

Anyway, I’m fine now due to constant sleep and rest in my three days off.

Also, yesterday is my first time meeting with my supervisor dissertation. It was kind of awkward due to my brain still kind if mushy due to sick :p

But gladly, I have told him prior that I was sick and bed ridden for quite sometimes. So he understand quite well.

Based on our meeting, I was given task to do some reading to strengthen what I must do as I quite understand, I need to do a lot of reading for this dissertation. :p
Oh well~

Anyway, He decided that we will meet up again next week for strengthening and look what I actually want for the topic. Because I am well aware that what I have at the moment is really general XD

need to do some readings for sure.

Thankfully, I can head to the library and their databases are quite big!
So, I can get things that I need for free.

Unlike if you do it without University, you need to subscribe and that’s requires money to even look a glance on things like academics journal and any academic articles.

So glad~

That’s all for now. Just want to talk to you about what happened to me for the past few days. Nothing major but still things that can be talk about.

And for the record, it’s already February but it’s still cold XD
As much as I Love winter and it’s early night, at this moment, I miss summer~


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