From Spain to Surrey

Learn about life at Surrey from a student from Spain

For all kind of interests!

Hello Everyone, I’m back again! Sorry I have been gone this last month, but going home for holiday and coming back to uni to do all the work you were supposed to but haven´t done keeps you busy. I know it’s unbelievable, but here for easter we had a whole month free, from March 31st […]


Since this is probably going to be your first time living on your own, I believe you are looking for a university that provides all the services you need to live your daily live in a comfortable and convenient way. University of Surrey definitely has all the means to satisfy your needs. Starting from the […]

Think about your future!

Searching for degrees in Surrey University, you must have seen this option that is called “Sandwich program”, which I had no idea what it was until they explained it to me. When you come to university, not only should you be thinking about having the best experience during the time studying, but also about the […]

Take a train (and maybe a flight)!

Let’s leave the university related blogs for today. We all know that apart from the quality of the university and the opportunities it gives you, it is really important to have a great surrounding that lets you make the most of your time here!!! And… is there anything better than being around 36 minutes away […]


Where will I be living? Who am I going to live with? How is my room going to look like? How does accommodation work? Will I get my own room? My own toilet and shower? This where just some of the few questions that came to my mind as soon as I realised I was […]

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