Surrey meets Spain

Learn about life at Surrey from one of current Spanish students

Thinking about studying at Surrey?

Hey there fellow Spanish students, are you considering studying at the University of Surrey in the UK? Today’s blog is specifically targeted at prospective Spanish students who are considering to study in England. The application process for Spanish students is similar to the process for other international students, but there are a few key differences […]

Snow,snow and snow!

Hello! Because in the previous blog I gathered some tips to prepare against and make the most of the rain, in today’s blog I wanted to write about the snow from a similar perspective. Snow can be a magical and exciting time of year, but it also requires a bit of preparation and planning. Here […]

Preparing for the Rain

Hi all, Today has rained quite a lot in Guildford, and to be honest I got soaked because I forgot to take an umbrella with me…so I thought it would be nice to prepare a few tips for you guys. Rain is a part of life in England and being prepared for it is key […]

Trip to a Football Stadium!

Hi all! I hope you are doing great with your exams and any other submissions which you might deal with at the present time! Just as many of you (probably), I really enjoy watching football. About a year ago, I watched a football game at a UK stadium for the first time, an experience which […]

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