Hi everyone!

Hi everyone!

My name is Amanda, and I am your third and final Spanish blogger for this academic year! For my first blog, I’ll start by telling you a bit about myself, what I study, my experience here at the University of Surrey, and what you can expect from my section of this blog!

Right, let’s get to know each other! I am a master’s student in Health Psychology at the University of Surrey. Before this, I did an undergraduate degree in Psychology here at Surrey too, and a year in English Literature, also at Surrey! (If this isn’t proof enough that the University of Surrey is incredible, and that you WILL want to stay forever, I honestly don’t know what is!).

I too, am originally from the Canary Islands – a beautiful archipelago in the middle of the wild Atlantic Ocean, that is a part of Spain. However, unlike my dear friends Jose and Miguel, who are from Gran Canaria (one of the eight islands belonging to this beautiful archipelago), I was born and raised in the neighbouring island of Tenerife! Although I have spent most of my life in the canaries, I am also half Australian! (Australian and Canarian – a funny combination, I know! But a very sunny and coastal combination too, I honestly cannot complain in that sense!).

Despite living in Spain, I studied at a British School in Tenerife. Studying in a British School, I must say, gave me the push of encouragement I needed, as well as the foundational skills I needed, to move to the UK and pursue my career within the British educational system! (The best educational system, in my opinion. – We all know how theoretical and memory-based the Spanish system can be!). This would become the first, single step I would take into my professional journey. Which, although hard at first, I can now say with confidence, this is the best decision I have ever made. I have gotten to know myself, and I have grown immensely, all whilst living the wonderful university experience and whilst meeting amazing people from around the world!

From this section of the blog, you can expect anything from travel around the UK, to social and academic life on campus and in Guildford, to cooking, place and plan suggestions, and many others! And of course – how could I call myself a psychology student if I don’t talk a bit about mental health and well-being at university?!

Stay tuned for more content! I look forward to continuing to share more about my life at the University of Surrey as a Spanish student!

NB: Every blog post will conclude with a special quote! (At the end of the day, I AM a former English Literature student, so this is only appropriate and the least I can do!)

Today’s quote: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu.

¡Hasta la próxima!


A piece of home on a walk through Guildford. – This tote bag is an artisanal piece from my hometown in Tenerife. It’s filled with watercolour paintings of all its important places, monuments, foods, etc. This picture was taken on a walk through the Guildford riverside on a sunny day. There’s nothing more comforting when you’re away from home than a few rays of sunshine bathing the beautiful town of Guildford. Specially if what you call home is somewhere in sunny sunny beautiful Spain!