Exchange students at Surrey

An insight into life at Surrey from current exchange students

Making a New Home in Surrey

By Alex Law   Whether you are coming from just across the channel or the other side of the planet, starting an exchange in a new country can seem daunting. In many ways it will probably remind you of starting school at your home university, especially the nerves and anticipation to see how everything will […]

One Last Time

By David Vine Hello again! It’s me, David, this time from sunny Orlando, Florida. Before my Surrey email account is deactivated (cue the tears) I wanted to leave you with some parting words about leaving school and readjusting back home. As I think back on my time in the UK, and especially my last weeks, one […]

Expectations vs Reality

By Ni’ja Bradford One of the things I kept hearing most when asking people whether I should study abroad, “Do it, it’ll change your life.” Pretty bold statement, right? No matter how many blogs I read or how many people I asked some variation of that statement always came up. Safe to say I came […]


By David Vine Now that I’ve planted the travel bug in your brain, I’m sure that’s all you’ve been thinking about since you read my last entry. If it’s not, your time will come I can promise you. The worst part—maybe even the only bad part—about traveling is that it can quickly and very effectively […]

Spring Break!!!

By David Vine If you’re reading this from the United States, then you are already very familiar with the concept of spring break: that wonderful week near Easter where you get an entire week off school to go hang out by the beach—or if you’re like me, rent a cabin in the mountains—with a few […]

Entertain me please

It’s a Wednesday afternoon in the middle of March. You’re done with classes for the day. All your assignments are turned in. Life is good. Except, there’s one little problem… You’re bored out of your mind. Crazy, right? You’re in an entirely different country, you should be having the time of your life. What can […]

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