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Article 50 infographics – updated to May

If you’d asked me back in the spring of 2017 whether there’d be long periods of inactivity in the Article 50 process, then I’d have said no. The agenda looked so full, and time was so short, that I doubted that even the traditional closing of the shop in the Brussels summer would be able […]

Europe, Britain and the Iran Deal: Back to The Future?

In 2002, Robert Kagan famously wrote an article claiming that “the US is from Mars, the EU is from Venus.” He inferred that US belligerence in its push for war with Iraq, compared to the EU’s insistence on a diplomatic settlement, was a predictable consequence of the more masculine and feminine characteristics associated with these […]

Stasis and progress

Somewhere in Whitehall, there’s a small office. In it, a bright young thing is working hard on Brexit. As the afternoon sun bounces down to the tiny window that provides the only fresh air, a spark flares up in the bright young thing’s mind. They dash down the corridor to their line manager, bursting through […]

Who can and will crash the Brexit bus?

As we enter a period of heightened debate about customs arrangements, it’s useful to consider who holds what power in the Article 50 process. As rational choice bods like to tell us, the more people who hold vetoes, the harder it is to please them all and more chance there is of non-agreement. However, in […]

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