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Three Unhelpful Metaphors For Understanding Brexit

As you’ll have noticed, there’s a lot of comment about the UK leaving the European Union (EU) these days. Given that it is the most important and consequential piece of public policy since at least the Second World War, that should be unsurprising. What is surprising is that so much of that comment and debate […]

Article 50 Infographics – updated to end April

Since you all seem to like infographics, I’ve updated my ones from the end of last month (here and here), to reflect both the changing timeline and the likelihood of an agreed deal not being reached. Comments are always welcome and you’re free to share these if you mention the source. PDF versions here: A50 timeline […]

What the 2017 General Election means for Brexit: procedure, personnel and policy

The lovely thing about long walks is that they give you time to think, to join your physical movement with metaphysical wanderings through the things that occupy your life. It’s often a time when you have a bright idea, that makes sense as the sunlight filters through the leaves and warm air of spring fills […]

Remembering Biafra

The following blog piece anticipates a paper I will be giving at George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs on 20 April and which appears on the conference website. Conversation with Sir Michael Aaronson on Biafra April 4, 2017 This is an interview carried out by Victoria Avis with Michael Aaronson, who will be […]

Moving determinedly towards the door: the UK’s Article 50 notification letter

Today’s an important one in the Brexit saga. With the submission of formal notification to begin Article 50 negotiations, the UK has crossed an important threshold that cannot be easily crossed, whatever the legalities. It also matters because it represents the final opportunity for the UK to shape the agenda of that process. This cannot […]

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