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Deeds, not words: getting ready for the next stage of Brexit

The torpor of summer is crawling across Europe: the siren call of that holiday you’ve promised yourself all year grows ever louder, even as your workplace empties. So what better time of year to be kicking off what prove to be a decisive stage in the Brexit process? Next Tuesday, we’ll find out who has […]

Why von der Leyen isn’t the person to watch for Brexit policy (yet)

Yesterday saw the first public statements from Ursula von der Leyen since her nomination as Commission President. She swept around Brussels, meeting and greeting various groups in the European Parliament, generally trying to help them accept a deal that appeared – mainly because it actually did – to pull the rug from the Spitzenkandidaten model. If […]

Notes from a crisis: the summer edition

When I teach about negotiation, I sometimes get students to think about negotiators as represented in films. Pretty much invariably, that means a grizzled pro, who doesn’t play by the rules and takes a chance to make a connection where no-one else could. Usually involving some explosions. Boringly, this isn’t how negotiators actually work. Sorry. […]

Value, Vision, and Viability: 30 Years of Jean Monnet Activities

Anniversaries are tricky. Are they conveniently round numbers? A knee-jerk reaction to hastily improving the visibility of a given project or person? Or long-awaited occasions to mark the passing of one generation and the new perspectives of others? Possibly all three. In the case of the Jean Monnet activities, 2019 is a grand opportunity to […]

The illogic of the EU trying to keep the UK from leaving

Foolishly, I always took Groundhog Day to be a work of fiction, rather than an instruction manual. Every morning we wake up to the same debates between the same people, who still haven’t listened to (or, more accurately, haven’t heard) those who point out obstacles in the path: we just have to become better, through force […]

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