Middle Eastern students at Surrey

Insight into life at Surrey from two current Middle Eastern students

Things to Do in Guildford – Part I

Lots of people say that Guildford is a small town so life here is really boring and there’s nothing to do, but today I will convince you otherwise. Of course, this depends on what you personally like to do. I’ll just tell you about some of the things Guildford offers and then you can decide for yourself.

Guildford is rather famous for its shopping and we have a really packed High Street (that’s what the main shopping street in a town is called in England). With all the shops on the High Street plus the medium-sized shopping centre (called the Friary Centre) that we have, not to mention all the shops in the side alleys and small streets, you’d have to be an extremely avid shopper to run out of places to go. The only unfortunate thing is that our high street is a kind of a steep climb, rather than a flat straight road like it is almost everywhere else, but it’ll keep you fit so there is an upside.

جامعة سري

مرحبا، أنا علاء، طالب سنه رابعة بجامعة سري، بدرس هندسة طيران. الدراسة هون 3 سنين بل عاده بس أنا عم كمل ماسترز ف هي رابع سنه إلي. أنا سوري، من دمشق. الجامعة هون قررت تعمل بلوغ ل الطلاب يلي عم يفكرو يجو يدرسو بسري ف أنا وطالب ثاني منكتب كل إسبوع تقريباً، مرات بل عربي ومرات بل إنجليزي. الهدف من هاد البلوغ إنو نعطيكن معلومات عن الجامعة و الحياة بإنجلترا و بغيلدفورد.

جامعة سري موجوده بجنوب إنجلترا، قريب كتير من لندن. نص ساعة بل قطار بس من هون للندن. الجامعة موجوده ببلد صغيره اسمها غيلدفورد، بمقاطعة سري.



Disclaimer: the following info is true for the Aerospace Engineering programme. Some of it could be slightly different for other programmes.

At Surrey, undergraduate studying is split into two 15-week semesters. Of the 15 weeks, the first 11 are teaching weeks and week 12 is revision week. The last 3 weeks depend on the semester. In semester 1, weeks 13-14 are exam weeks and week 15 is a reading week; in semester 2, weeks 13-15 are exam weeks. The 3-week Christmas break takes place after week 11 of semester 1 i.e. after all the teaching is done. The 4-week Easter break takes place after either week 7 or week 8 in semester 2.

My HostUK Visit – Part II

I’ll pick up right where I left off. My 3rd day, Christmas Day, was very interesting. In the early morning, we went to a nearby town called Pagham for a walk on the beach. Now, UK beaches are definitely not the same as Middle East beaches. We have sand, they have pebbles and gravel. They definitely don’t remind you of tropical summers or swimming. But they do have one advantage: because you have pebbles and stones, you can skip rocks on the water (that’s when you throw a stone into the water and it bounces). I tried it for the first time and I have to say it’s really fun. It reminded me of  that scene from one of the Harry Potter movies where Hagrid skips boulders on the lake.

My HostUK Visit – Part I

HostUK (http://www.hostuk.org/) is an organisation that allows you to spend a day, weekend, or Christmas weekend with a British family. I went on a HostUK visit during the Christmas break and spent 4 days with a British family. It was definitely one of the best experiences I have had in the UK and I would really recommend it. A word of warning though: if you are attached to your phone by an umbilical cord and cannot live without social media or internet for any extended period of time, this is not for you. Host families really don’t like it when they have a visitor who is on their phone all the time. The purpose of the visit is to have new experiences and meet new people.

Christmas in Guildford

Today I’m gonna tell you a bit about Christmas here in Guildford. At Surrey, we have a 3 week Christmas break that starts after Week 11 (which is the last week when proper teaching happens). The only inconvenient thing about that is the fact that when you come back at the end of the 3 weeks, you only have 1 week before exams begin (exams happen in weeks 13 and 14 in semester 1) which means you will probably have to do some revision during the holidays. The majority of students go back home during this break so the university becomes rather quiet. I always stay in Guildford, mostly because I always have quite a bit of revision to do (engineering is a pretty demanding thing to study) but I do relax and take thing slow.

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