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Things to do in Guildford – Part II

Well I was right to be excited about the Oscars, that was quite the night. I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about, but in case you don’t, you should really google it, it’s unmissable.

Anyway, I’m gonna tell you about some more things you can do in Guildford today. Let’s start with music. The University itself has a music department and their students do recitals in the university every week, and they’re free to attend. It’s not only classical music either. They also do a number of proper concerts every year, with the venue usually being one of the churches in town or the Cathedral. Attending a concert in the cathedral is really special, the place is just so majestic. Guildford itself also organises many concerts each year, and you can get info on these from the tourist information centre in the high street or online. Lots of the time, student tickets are really cheap or even completely free. Again, the concerts are usually performed in some of the churches around town. The cream of the crop, however, is a place called G Live. This is a new venue (opened only about 5 years ago) that has a really big concert hall. They get famous orchestras and musicians to perform concerts all year round. They also do ballet, opera, stand-up comedy, all sorts of musical shows like bands and stuff, and more. It’s definitely one of my favourite places in Guildford. There is another similar place called The Electric Theatre, right in the middle of town. It’s a bit similar to G Live, just smaller. They’re having a movie festival currently, showing Oscar winning movies from every decade. So far, I’ve seen All About Eve and Annie Hall, both of which were very good. Lastly, there is a place called the Boileroom, which is basically a live music venue. I’ve never been there so I don’t really know much about it.

Now for pubs and clubs. There are a handful of clubs in town, but for some reason students only seem to go to a couple. The student union’s night club, on campus, called Rubix, is of course very popular. It’s getting a major refurbishment next year so it should get even better. As for pubs and bars, there are too many to count, from sports bars to old fashioned pubs. Many of them have regular quiz nights and Open Mic nights (where anyone can come up and sing). These can be really fun. Pubs in generals are nice places to go if you don’t like the noise and crowds of clubs.

What I forgot to mention is theatre. We have one major one in Guildford, called the Yvonne Arnaud. Not many students know about it because it’s not exactly in the middle of town but they do plays and stuff. I don’t know much about theatre so I can’t say more.

We also have a small castle, with beautiful grounds and gardens around it, perfect for a walk in spring, and also a small museum right next to it.

Lastly, there’s food. As you’d expect, we’ve got all the regular fast food joints. We’ve got countless other restaurants from all around the world, including Indian, Spanish, Italian, American, Greek, Turkish and much more. Basically, if you’re a foody and like trying new things, it’ll take you a really long time to run out of restaurants to try. There are many ways of getting cheap malls at many of those restaurants. One of those is called a Tastecard and it’s a real bargain if you eat out a lot. Of course, being university students, lots of us are lazy and like to order food. Luckily, there are lots of delivery services around. The most famous one is called Deliveroo. They deliver food from a whole host of restaurants (I actually do some work for them on my bike, part-time). So really, whether you like eating out or getting food delivered, there is a lot to choose from.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that Guildford isn’t a boring place. If you’re still not buying it though, London is always 35 minutes away by train, and the opportunities there are endless.

Here are the pictures I promised you last week.


This is our castle

16923509_1441008535952099_382498452_n 16923527_1441002392619380_1228131381_n 16933888_1441002362619383_692389724_n

These 3 are pictures of the nature surrounding Guildford. Each one is at a different location so you know there’s lots to explore.


This one shows Guildford in the distance, with the cathedral in the middle (this is barely a 20-minute walk from the town centre so don’t think it’s a hike or anything)

17093994_1448702501849369_802457664_n 17105533_1448696085183344_1432043195_n

These are pictures of the town



Things to Do in Guildford – Part I

Lots of people say that Guildford is a small town so life here is really boring and there’s nothing to do, but today I will convince you otherwise. Of course, this depends on what you personally like to do. I’ll just tell you about some of the things Guildford offers and then you can decide for yourself.

Guildford is rather famous for its shopping and we have a really packed High Street (that’s what the main shopping street in a town is called in England). With all the shops on the High Street plus the medium-sized shopping centre (called the Friary Centre) that we have, not to mention all the shops in the side alleys and small streets, you’d have to be an extremely avid shopper to run out of places to go. The only unfortunate thing is that our high street is a kind of a steep climb, rather than a flat straight road like it is almost everywhere else, but it’ll keep you fit so there is an upside.

While we only have one cinema in town, it is very close to the university and there many ways to get cheap tickets. I for one love movies and I’ve already seen La La Land, Arrival and Jackie this year (I’m very excited about the Oscars on Sunday). New movies are constantly being released of course, so going for a film every few days is another fun activity.

Another great thing Guildford has is a leisure centre, called Spectrum. It’s not exactly close to the university or the town centre, but it’s not too far either, and you can get a bus from town. There you will find lots of things that can be found in Surrey Sports Park, such as a gym and a swimming pool, but there is also an ice-skating rink and bowling. I’ve only tried ice-skating once but I really enjoyed it and I’m hoping to go again soon. Another plus is that it’s not too expensive, about the same price as a movie ticket. What’s great about this is the fact that you won’t find ice-skating just about anywhere in the UK; even some big cities don’t have it, so Guildford is somewhat privileged in that regard. We also have a place called AirHop, which is basically a big space full of trampolines. Going there with a large group of friends is one of the most fun things you can do. It’ll really make you feel like a kid again.

If you’re a nature lover, like me, Guildford will be like heaven for you. The town is surrounded by beautiful, untouched hills and nature trails. While getting to them is a bit exhausting, the views are definitely worth it. Sadly, because of the UK weather, you can’t go any day. It needs to be sunny, dry (not just on the day but for a few days before as well so any mud would have dried up) and not too cold if you really want to enjoy it. Frankly, you don’t get these conditions too often in the UK so when you do, it’s good to take advantage.

I still have lots to tell you about but I don’t want to make this post too long, so I’ll leave the rest till next week. That should give you something to look forward to. I’ll be talking about music and theatre, pubs and clubs, and food.

P. S. I was going to have some pictures, but there were some technical issues, so you’ll get those next week as well.

جامعة سري

مرحبا، أنا علاء، طالب سنه رابعة بجامعة سري، بدرس هندسة طيران. الدراسة هون 3 سنين بل عاده بس أنا عم كمل ماسترز ف هي رابع سنه إلي. أنا سوري، من دمشق. الجامعة هون قررت تعمل بلوغ ل الطلاب يلي عم يفكرو يجو يدرسو بسري ف أنا وطالب ثاني منكتب كل إسبوع تقريباً، مرات بل عربي ومرات بل إنجليزي. الهدف من هاد البلوغ إنو نعطيكن معلومات عن الجامعة و الحياة بإنجلترا و بغيلدفورد.

جامعة سري موجوده بجنوب إنجلترا، قريب كتير من لندن. نص ساعة بل قطار بس من هون للندن. الجامعة موجوده ببلد صغيره اسمها غيلدفورد، بمقاطعة سري.

عادةً كل سنه بتكون فصلين وكل فصل 15 إسبوع، منن 11 تدريس. بكل فصل في 4 مواد. في مواد بكون باخرها فحص وفي مواد بتكون بدون فحص. بدل الفحص في شيء اسمو كورسوورك، مثلاً كتابة مواضيع أو عمل مشروع.

جامعة سري من أحسن الجامعات بإنجلترا والدراسة فيها ممتازة. الحياة كمان كثير جيدة. في كثير عرب بالجامعة من كل البلاد. الغرف كمان ممتازة و في أنواع عده حسب الطلب.

في أيضاً نوادي رياضة لكل شيء بيخطر على البال: كرة قدم، كرة سله، تنس، سباحة وغيرهم. في أيضاً نوادي اجتماعيه مثل نادي الشطرنج ونادي ألعاب الفيديو. يوجد أيضاً نادي إسلامي يقيم صلاة الجمعة في الجامعة كل إسبوع ويوفر غرفة للصلاة في جميع ال أوقات. يقومون أيضاً بتوفير فطور مجاني كل يوم خلال شهر رمضان. هذا جيد جداً لأن غيلدفورد لا يوجد بها جامع.

غرف الجامعة موجودين بقلب الجامعة أو بمكان قريب اسمو مانر بارك، 20 دقيقة مشي من الجامعة، بس في باصات دائماً وممكن شراء بطاقة باص لمدة سنه عن طريق الجامعة. في أيضاً بين الجامعة ومانر بارك سوبرماركت كبير في كل شي، اسمو تسكو.

مركز مدينه غيلدفورد قريب من الجامعة، 15 دقيقة مشي أو أقل بل باص. غيلدفورد مشهورة بمحلاتها وفيها كل شي، مطاعم كثير ومركز تسوق وسينما ومحلات ألبسه.

المحاضرات بلجامعة بتكون بين ال-9 وال-5 بس يوم الأربعاء بين ال-9 و ال-12.

في شي بجامعة سري اسمو ترينينغ يير أو سنة تدريب. بيسمحلك تشتغل مع شركه بعد السنه الثانية وتكسب خبرة. هاد شيء كثير منيح وبساعد بتأمين شغل بعد التخرج. بسري 95% من الطلاب بكونو بشغل أو دراسات عليا خلال 6 أشهر من التخرج. سنة الخبرة بتساعد كثير بهاد الشي.

الجامعة وغيلدفورد بشكل عام امنين جداً، أحسن من مدن أخرى بدرجات. صراحة، أنا انصح بها. خلال ال-4 سنين التي قضيتها لم أمر بأي مشكله كبيره وتعلمت كثير.


Disclaimer: the following info is true for the Aerospace Engineering programme. Some of it could be slightly different for other programmes.

At Surrey, undergraduate studying is split into two 15-week semesters. Of the 15 weeks, the first 11 are teaching weeks and week 12 is revision week. The last 3 weeks depend on the semester. In semester 1, weeks 13-14 are exam weeks and week 15 is a reading week; in semester 2, weeks 13-15 are exam weeks. The 3-week Christmas break takes place after week 11 of semester 1 i.e. after all the teaching is done. The 4-week Easter break takes place after either week 7 or week 8 in semester 2.

Each semester, you usually take a total of 60 credits, and one module is normally 15 credits so you take 4 modules per semester. There are 30- and 45-credit modules but these are less common. For every module you take, you are assessed by a combination of class-tests, coursework and exams. You could have only one of these or all 3 in a module. For example, a module could have a class test worth 20% and an exam worth 80%, whereas another module could have two pieces of coursework worth 50% each and no exam. In Aerospace engineering, the number of exams you get per year decreases as you go from first year to final year. In first year I had 7 exams, whereas now, in my fourth and final year, I have only 3 exams. This is mainly because you start doing group projects from 2nd year; these are worth 30 credits. And in your final year you get an individual project which is worth 30 credits if it’s a BEng (third year) project or 45 credits if it’s an MEng (fourth year) project.

Now, since I just finished exams a week ago, I thought I would tell you a little about them. Exams can be worth anywhere between 50% and 100% and for engineering. The vast majority of them are two hours long. In this semester, I had two exams, both worth 70%. They were Fracture Mechanics & Finite Element Analysis, and Turbulence. The first was on a Monday and the second on a Friday.

Every person has unique study techniques so unfortunately I can’t tell you the one thing you can do to always do well. I can just tell you what I do and give you some tips. For engineering, most modules will have some ‘maths’ so it is very important to practice solving problems. For this, your best friend is past exam papers. These will show you what level of difficulty to expect. Tutorials (which are problem sets you get during the course of the semester) can be useful as well but their difficulty can vary a lot from that of exam problems. For me, I have always found that it is best to first go through the lectures (or read one of the recommended books if the lectures aren’t enough for you) to understand the topic, then practice, first using the tutorials, then past exam papers. Basically what you want to do is solve as much as you can but of course, if there’s not much time and you have to choose one thing to practice, always go for past exam papers.

During exam time, the library can get very busy – and noisy – so studying there could become tricky. Having all your friends there as well can create more distractions. So if you’re the type of person who’s distracted easily, it might be best to stay away from the library during exam time. The university opens lots of spaces for studying during the exam period to make sure you can always find a spot if the library’s too busy or if you just want to go somewhere else. Personally, I like it to be quiet when I study, so for my difficult exam, I stopped going to the library and went to a quiet building with computers where I could concentrate. I ended up doing very well so it worked for me.

If I can leave you with one piece of advice only, it is this: make a plan. Try to come up with a study plan really early to cover everything, but make it flexible at first, so that you can adjust it if you miss a day for example. But do your best to stick to it. If you do that, you can make sure you cover everything and get enough time to practice, so you will end up doing really well.

My HostUK Visit – Part II

I’ll pick up right where I left off. My 3rd day, Christmas Day, was very interesting. In the early morning, we went to a nearby town called Pagham for a walk on the beach. Now, UK beaches are definitely not the same as Middle East beaches. We have sand, they have pebbles and gravel. They definitely don’t remind you of tropical summers or swimming. But they do have one advantage: because you have pebbles and stones, you can skip rocks on the water (that’s when you throw a stone into the water and it bounces). I tried it for the first time and I have to say it’s really fun. It reminded me of  that scene from one of the Harry Potter movies where Hagrid skips boulders on the lake.


Paul and Catherine knew a lot about the area’s history so they told me all about the conservation efforts being made there to try and protect the houses on the shore (because the sea is eroding the land and creeping in) and showed me some houses which were actually built from old train carriages because they used to be cheaper. Catherine also knew a lot about wildlife; she told me about all the types of birds there, some of which were incredibly big. There were these really tiny ones that were always in groups and they would stand right next to the sea, then every time a wave comes in, they would run away together. It was the funniest thing. It’s a pity I couldn’t get a proper video of it.


After the beach, we went back home where we had a delicious Christmas dinner and pudding. And at night, we watched an opera on TV which was pretty nice.

On Boxing Day (day after Christmas) Paul took me to this open-air museum which had reconstructed old buildings. We saw all types of buildings from all over the country and we got to go inside some of them too. Some of them had fires inside which was great conisdering the cold. There were also some animals around. The scenery was awesome.

15978571_1393306284055658_1109751599_n 15978622_1393315560721397_498457191_n 15978699_1393315827388037_824249266_n 15978846_1393306557388964_1482048799_n 15995792_1393315270721426_882231074_n 15995879_1393306210722332_212757417_n

When we returned, we had a little rest then we all went to a historical small church called Church Norton, and after that we walked along the beach from there all the way to a small town called Selsey. When we returned home, we again had a lovely chicken dinnerand then at night we watched an old movie about Michelangelo. It was called “The Agony and the Ecstasy” and it was pretty good.

On my last day, we went on a boat trip, which was the best part of the whole visit for me. Paul and Catherine’s neighbour had a small boat so Paul and I went to the Marina and he took us on a short tour. He even let me steer for most of the journey which was really something else. Made me wish I had my own boat. That boat in the picture is not the one we went on by the way, it’s just a nice one in the Marina I took a photo of. Would have been nice to go on it too though.

16111672_1393306704055616_579116658_n 16111925_1393306747388945_1261162550_n

The last thing we did was have our final lunch together, then Paul and Catherine dropped me off at the station. They didn’t let me go empty-handed though. They sent a whole bag of goodies with me, full of cheese and cakes and all sorts. I ate nothing but cheese for a whole week after coming back!

Another thing about the visit is that I was given my first ever Christmas presents. Paul and Catherine were so kind they got me 3 presents. It definitely got me in the spirit of Christmas.

Well, that was my HostUK visit. It was definitely an unforgettable experience. Just a couple of footnotes: if you read this and thought ‘wow these activities all seem so boring, I certainly wouldn’t want to do that’ then fear not. HostUK pairs you with a family that has interests matching yours. I just happened to put museums and walks as my interests so I got a perfect match. If you put something completely different, you’ll probably get a family that likes the same stuff you do. Also, Paul and Catherine always asked me if I was okay with everything we did. They tried really hard to only do things that I wanted to do. They definitely never said ‘this is what we’ll be doing, so come on, doesn’t matter if you’re interested in it or not’.

Considering all that, I would 100% recommend going on a HostUK visit, and do it in your first year if you can. You’re likely to make friends with the family and they could invite you over again. Paul and Catherine told me to come back for a visit whenever I wanted. It’s a pity I only have 6 months left until I graduate so I may only be able to visit them once more.

I’ve got exams next week so unfortunately my next post will be 2 weeks from now. But I’m gonna try to write that one in Arabic so you have a first Arabic post to look forward to reading. Stay tuned to see how that turns out.

My HostUK Visit – Part I

HostUK (http://www.hostuk.org/) is an organisation that allows you to spend a day, weekend, or Christmas weekend with a British family. I went on a HostUK visit during the Christmas break and spent 4 days with a British family. It was definitely one of the best experiences I have had in the UK and I would really recommend it. A word of warning though: if you are attached to your phone by an umbilical cord and cannot live without social media or internet for any extended period of time, this is not for you. Host families really don’t like it when they have a visitor who is on their phone all the time. The purpose of the visit is to have new experiences and meet new people.

First, the application. All you need to apply is to go to the website, read the instructions, and fill out a short online application. Surrey is among a few universities that pay all administration fees, so it is completely free of charge for students. The only thing you have to pay for is your transport to and from the hosts’ location. One thing to remember is that you need to apply a good few weeks before you intend to go so that they have time to organise it for you. You can’t apply a couple of days before. I made that mistake last year and was unable to go because of it.

I got paired with a family who lived in Chichester, which is a town in the south of England. HostUK make sure you get paired with a family that shares your interests. The family was made up of an old couple, Paul and Catherine, and their old cat Marmalade. Paul was a retired teacher who knew a lot about engineering and Catherine was an artist and classical music lover. As an Aerospace engineer who loves classical music, that was perfect for me. They even borrowed a keyboard for me, so I could play some piano if I wanted to.

When I arrived, they picked me up at the train station and drove me to their house. They gave me my own room and my own bathroom, and provided everything I needed, from towels to snacks. Turns out they had planned activities for me for the length of my stay, which was very nice.

The first thing I did was go to a museum in Chichester which had an exhibition on Tim Peake, the British astronaut who went to space last year. Turns out he was born in Chichester. I love everything to do with space so I really enjoyed it. There were a couple of space suits on display and some interesting gadgets. I also saw some of the Roman ruins in the museum. When we left, we passed by Chichester cathedral, which was also very nice.

15878406_1383055998414020_1599547680_o 15902647_1383054421747511_996439157_o 15909267_1383056035080683_1815311938_o 15909087_1383055971747356_667748232_o


On the second day, we had a cheese and wine party. We prepared a table with lots of cheese, olives, grapes, breads, and crackers, and Paul and Catherine invited many friends and neighbours. I got to meet a number of very nice people, including a couple of musicians, and eat lots and lots of tasty cheese. Both Paul and Catherine were excellent cooks, so for dinner we had some delicious lemon chicken. As a student, eating homemade meals without having to cook them yourself was an extremely welcome change. It really reminded me of home.


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