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Philip Aston Attends CMS Reception at the House of Commons

hocOn Wednesday 22nd February, Philip Aston attended a reception organised by the Council for the Mathematical Sciences at the House of Commons. At the reception, Prof Sir Adrian Smith gave a few hints concerning his forthcoming report to government on post-16 mathematics education. There were also some talks about the revised format and membership of the Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME).

Timothy Burchell passes PhD Confirmation examination

diamond4dCongratulations to Timothy Burchell who passed his PhD confirmation examination today (Friday 17th February).  His confirmation report is titled “Clifford analysis and nonlinear wave equations“.  The examiners were Bin Cheng and Jan Gutowski.   His principal supervisor is Tom Bridges and his second supervisor is Claudia Wulff.

Gianne Derks invited speaker at Swansea workshop on mathematical medicine and pharmacology

workshop-1Gianne Derks was an invited speaker at the Workshop on Mathematical Medicine and Mathematical Pharmacology held in the BioMaths group in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Swansea.  It was held on Thursday-Friday 2-3 February.  Her talk was on “Dimer dynamics and degenerate transversally intersecting manifolds“.  An abstract can be found here.  Click on the workshop photo to the left to see a larger version.

Bartuccelli-Deane-Gentile paper accepted in Celestial Mechanics

innerorbits1The paper “Fast numerics for the spin orbit equation with realistic tidal dissipation and constant eccentricity” co-authored by Michele Bartuccelli, Jonathan Deane, and Guido Gentile (Roma III and Visiting Professor at Surrey), has been accepted for publication in the journal Celestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy. A link to the arXiv version is here. The paper presents an algorithm for the rapid numerical integration of a time-periodic ODE with a small dissipation term that is continuously differentiable in the velocity. Such an ODE arises as a model of spin-orbit coupling in a star/planet system, and the motivation for devising a fast algorithm for its solution comes from the desire to estimate probability of capture in various solutions, via Monte Carlo simulation: the integration times are very long, since they are interested in phenomena occurring on timescales of the order of 10 million years. The pay-off is an overall increase in speed by a factor of about 7.5 compared to standard numerical methods.

Jon Bevan’s paper on nonlinear elasticity appears in ARMA

rubberThe paper “A condition for the Hölder continuity of local minimizers of a nonlinear elastic energy in two dimensions“, by Jon Bevan, has been accepted for publication in the Archives for Rational Mechanics and Analysis.  The paper proves the local Hölder continuity of strong local minimizers of the stored energy functional subject to a condition of `positive twist’. The latter turns out to be equivalent to requiring that the basic function maps circles to suitably star-shaped sets.  The main innovation is to prove that if a local minimizer has positive twist almost everywhere on a ball then an Euler-Lagrange type inequality holds and a Caccioppoli inequality can be derived from it. The claimed Hölder continuity then follows by adapting elliptic regularity theory.  The paper will appear on the ARMA website in due course.

Delahaies-Roulstone paper on DALEC v2 appears in EGU GMD

dalecv2The paper Constraining DALEC v2 using multiple data streams and ecological constraints: analysis and application” by Sylvain Delahaies, Ian Roulstone, and Nancy Nichols (Reading) has just been published in the journal Geoscientific Model Development, published by the European Geophysical Union.  The paper uses a variational method to assimilate multiple data streams into the terrestrial ecosystem carbon cycle model DALEC v2.  The paper is open access and can be downloaded here.

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