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Anne Skeldon at World Sleep Congress in Prague

Anne Skeldon is at the World Sleep Congress in Prague, Czech Republic, this week (7-11 October). The congress is hosting 2400 people interested in sleep including medics, psychologists, mathematicians, and sleep scientists. Anne organised and chaired a session on: “Environmental challenges: the impact of artificial light on sleep and circadian biology“, and a link to […]

Daniel Ratliff passes PhD viva

Congratulations to Daniel Ratliff for passing his PhD viva yesterday (Wednesday 4th October).  The examiners were Gennady El (Loughborough) and David Lloyd. The title of his thesis is “Conservation laws, multiphase modulation, and the emergence of universal forms”. His project was supervised by Tom Bridges and Matt Turner.  Dan has started a 3-year postdoc at […]

Paper of Ian Morris on fractals to appear in AMS Transactions

The paper “On equality of Hausdorff and affinity dimensions, via self-affine measures on positive subsystems“, co-authored by Ian Morris and Pablo Shmerkin (Torcuato Di Tella University, Argentina, and former Lecturer at Surrey), was recently accepted for publication by the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society. In this article they establish a new method for obtaining […]

Kostianko-Zelik paper on inertial manifolds published in CPAA

The paper “Inertial manifolds for 1D reaction-diffusion-advection systems. Part I: Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions” co-authored by Anna Kostianko and Sergey Zelik, has been published in Communications in Pure and Applied Analysis.  The paper is the first part of their study of inertial manifolds for systems of reaction-diffusion-advection equations in one space dimension, and covers […]

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