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Gianne Derks speaks at spectral theory conference in Mexico

Gianne Derks is in Mexico this week (18-23 June), attending and speaking at the Conference on “Geometrical methods, non self-adjoint spectral problems, and stability of periodic structures“, being held at the BANFF Research Station in Oaxaca Mexico (see map below).  A link to the conference webpage is here.  Gianne gave on talk on Thursday 22 […]

Turner-Weidman paper to appear in Physical Review Fluids

The paper “The stability of a radially stretching disc beneath a uniformly rotating fluid” co-authored by Matt Turner and Patrick Weidman (University of Colorado) has been accepted for publication in Physical Review Fluids. The paper investigates the temporal and absolute instability properties for a flow that consists of a radially stretching plate under a rigidly […]

James Grant organises geometry conference in Florence Italy

James Grant is organising an international conference on “Non-regular Space-Time Geometry” this week (20-22 June) in Florence, Italy. Co-organisers include Piotr T. Chruściel (Vienna), Michael Kunzinger (Vienna), and Ettore Minguzzi (Florence). The Meeting is aimed at gathering reseachers with an interest in global Lorentzian geometry under weak regularity assumptions on the metric. The conference emphasises […]

Applied Geometric Mechanics meeting at Surrey

The first meeting of year three of the  Applied Geometric Mechanics Network is being held at the University of Surrey on Friday 16 June.  The theme of this meeting is Geometric Fluid Dynamics, and the principal external speakers are Paul Dellar (Oxford), François Gay-Balmaz (Paris), and Aythami Bethencourt de Leon (Imperial). Speaking from Surrey are […]

Stephen Gourley’s paper on mathematical biology appears in SIAM J Applied Maths

The paper “Pauses of larval development and their consequences for stage-structured populations“, co-authored by Hermann Brunner (Hong Kong Baptist University), Stephen Gourley, Rongsong Liu (University of Wyoming), and Yanyu Xiao (University of Cincinnati), has been published in the SIAM Journal of Applied Mathematics. The paper considers some novel predictions of a mathematical model for a […]

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