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Philip Aston speaks at DSI European User Group Meeting

On 16th-17th March, Philip Aston attended the DSI European User Group Meeting which was attended by a wide variety of people from industry and academia who are users of DSI’s telemetry hardware.  Philip gave a talk on determining changes in contractility and early detection of infection from blood pressure data using attractor reconstruction.

EPSRC awards Sergey Zelik a grant in dynamical systems and PDEs

EPSRC has awarded Sergey Zelik a responsive-mode grant on “Finite-dimensional reduction, Inertial Manifolds, and Homoclinic structures in dissipative PDEs“. Full details of the grant can be found here.  The grant starts on 1st July 2017 and runs for three years.  The total amount awarded is £384k and funds a postdoc, a major conference, and travel.  The project is joint with Imperial, and co-funding of £400k was awarded to Dmitry Turaev (Imperial College) for a second postdoc; see link here.

Ahoud Alsheri passes PhD confirmation examination

Congratulations to Ahoud Alsheri who passed her PhD confirmation examination today (Monday 13 March).  The examiners were Jon Bevan and Claudia Wulff.  Her project is supervised by Stephen Gourley and the title is “Mathematical modelling of diseases carried by non-flying insects“.

David Lloyd’s paper on pattern formation in ferrofluids to appear in Physica D

The paper “Pattern formation on the free surface of a ferrofluid: spatial dynamics and homoclinic bifurcation“, co-authored by Mark Groves (Saarbrucken, Germany), David Lloyd, and Athanasios Stylianou (Kassel, Germany) has been accepted for publication in Physica D.  The paper establishes the existence of spatially localised one-dimensional free surfaces of a ferrofluid near onset of the Rosensweig instability, assuming a general (nonlinear) magnetisation law. Methodology includes Hamiltonian structure, centre manifold theory, and normal form transformations.

Ian Roulstone awarded PhD studentship from NERC DTP for data assimilation project

ukv-ppn-312wThe Reading-Surrey NERC-funded DTP on the SCience of the Environment: Natural and Anthropogenic pRocesses, Impacts and Opportunities (SCENARIO) has awarded Ian Roulstone a studentship for a project (joint with the UK Met Office) on “Optimal Mitigation of Sampling Error in Ensemble Data Assimilation“.  This studentship has been taken up by a candidate from Durham and the project starts in Autumn 2017.

Gianne Derks gives Analysis Seminar at University of Bath

bathGianne Derks is giving a talk in the Analysis and Differential Equations Seminar today (Thursday 2 March) at the University of Bath.  The title of her talk is “Existence and stability of fronts in inhomogeneous wave equations“.  In the talk, wave equations with finite length inhomogeneities are considered. The underlying Hamiltonian structure allows for a rich family of stationary front solutions. It is shown that changes of stability can only occur at critical points of the length of the inhomogeneity as a function of the energy density inside the inhomogeneity. The theory is illustrated with an example related to a Josephson junction system with a finite length inhomogeneity associated with variations in the Josephson tunneling critical current and an application to DNA-RNAP interactions.  Full detailed abstract is available at the above link.

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