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Dorje Brody appointed Professor of Mathematics

Dorje Brody has been appointed Professor of Mathematics at the University of Surrey with effect from 1st April 2018.  Dorje was formerly Professor of Mathematics at Brunel University.  His research interests include geometry, information theory, quantum foundations, the Riemann hypothesis, and mathematical finance.  He received his PhD from Imperial College, and has held academic positions […]

Bailey-Derks-Skeldon paper on circle maps and sleep-wake regulation appears in Euro J Appl Maths

The paper “Circle maps with gaps: Understanding the dynamics of the two-process model for sleep–wake regulation“, co-authored by Matt Bailey, Gianne Derks, and Anne Skeldon has been published in the European Journal of Applied Mathematics. The paper studies the “two-process model”, which has played a central role in the understanding of sleep/wake regulation for over […]

Paper of Bevan and Deane on nonlinear elasticity appears in SIAM J Math Analysis

The paper “A calibration method for estimating critical cavitation loads from below in three-dimensional nonlinear elasticity“, co-authored by Jonathan Bevan and Jonathan Deane, has been published in the SIAM Journal of Mathematical Analysis.  A link to the published electronic version is here. In the paper they give an explicit sufficient condition for the affine lambda-map […]

Bin Cheng with teams at Exeter and Imperial awarded EPSRC grant on mathematics of slow-fast coupling in PDEs

A team lead by Beth Wingate (Exeter) and including Bin Cheng (Surrey), Colin Cotter (Imperial), and David Acreman (Exeter) has been awarded an £850k EPSRC grant for the project “On the way to the asymptotic limit: mathematics of slow-fast coupling in PDEs” (EPSRC link here). The grant runs till March 2021. The main motivation of […]

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