School of Economics, Surrey

Hello again;

In this blog, l will talk about School of Economics at Surrey and try to explain why it is a very special and distinguished school in the U.K and in the world.

The School of Economics has both undergraduate and graduate level courses, all of which are taught by amazing professors.  Let me start with the Bachelor programmes, we have 4 different tracks; Economics (BSc.), Business Economics (BSc.), Economics and Finance (BSc.) and last but not least, Economics and Mathematics (BSc.). All courses have the same main courses in the first year, such as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Mathematics for Economists etc, then you can choose whichever track you want to. If you want to focus and specialise on Finance, then you can choose Economics and Finance track. One feature that all the majors have in common is heavy practical courses, in which you learn modern statistical software packages such as Python, Matlab, Stata etc, which in my opinion is more than necessary to get a job.

We have 4 different Master level courses, namely, Economics (MA), Economics (MSc.), Economics and Finance (MSc.) and Economics (MRes). Although each is designed for different purposes, all the tracks are high standard and teach the necessary master level courses in Economics. Nonetheless, Economics (MA) and Economics and Finance (MSc) are designed for those who would like to continue in the market, whereas Economics (MSc) and specially Economics (MRes) are designed for those who would like to continue for a PhD. Moreover, MRes Economics offers very generous studentship stipends, hence l highly suggest to those who would like to further continue their education to apply.

We also have a PhD in Economics, which offers great research opportunities with excellent researchers. PhD in Economics also offers generous stipends in exchange for teaching duties. School of Economics has 6 different research groups, Centre for International Macroeconomics Studies, Surrey Energy Economics Centre, Applied Microeconomics Group (I am in this group, yey), Econometrics Group, Macroeconomics Group and Theory Group, all of which include researchers from all around the world.

Bu blogum Iktisat okulu ile alakali, genel olarak okulumuzdaki Lisans, Yuksek Lisans ve Doktora duzeyinde sunulan programlardan bahsettim. Hepsinin ortak ozelligi alaninda ciddi anlamda uzman ve dunyaca bilinen akademisyenler tarafindan ogretilmesi. Ayni zamanda okulun 6 farkli alanda uzmanlik yaptigi gruplar var, bende bunlardan biri olan Uygulamali Mikroekonomi Bolumundeyim. Okulumuz MRes (arastirma masteri) ve Doktora icin cok comert burslar vermektedir.

See you soon