September Freshers arrival!

Arriving in September but worried you don’t know your way around? Rest assured! For Surrey’s got you covered! Meet and Greet Helpers! Helpers will greet freshers with a banner either at Heathrow airport or on campus to ensure students get to their dorms safely and make sure that all of you will register with the […]

Summer activities in Guildford

“What can I do if I am staying here for the summer break?” For students who are considering to stay in Guildford rather than returning home for the break, this blog is hoping to give some ideas to those students. Surrey is an excellent destination for road cyclists and mountain bikers. The Downs Link is […]

Open days in Summer time

Hi guys, I’m back! Apologise for not posting a while, as we have been taking finals from late May till now. And now I’m proud to announce that: I’m done with second year, and will return home for my placement next academic year! (I will keep posting things about placement in the meantime, so stay […]

Guildford Blooming Project

Hi all, It has been a little long while hasn’t it?! While the majority of students has already moved out from the university on 18th June, me and some of my friends have chosen to stay a bit longer at the university. Indeed, there are still lots of amazing things going on despite the end […]

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