Surrey meets Taiwan

An insight into life at Surrey from a current Taiwanese student

Housing crisis!: Preparation

As promise, I’m back with a brand new series of article this week! And it’s the first intro for our house haunting series, today I will be present all the essential preparation and introduce the sources include everything for house haunting. If this is what you have been looking for, check this out!😉 約好這禮拜要開啟新系列的文章,我終於準時出現了!第一篇就是大家敲碗很久的找房篇,今天我會告訴大家事前可以先做什麼準備還有告訴各位可以運用的資源等等。如果你需要這方面的資訊的話請繼續看下去~😉 First, […]

The second year😶

Hi guys! Time for some stories and news for the actual studying this week! As you know, second year is not that chill anymore which I would say every(or most) second year students will agree with me at this time.  Apart from the placement which was mentioned in my last article, the modules I have […]

Placement: Get ready

I know I know, another two weeks since I updated last time, now you can probably imagine how tight and tough second year could have be😅Projects over projects every week along with studies and society, I’m literally a spinning machine throughout the first month of uni. I still remember the first month in my first year […]

Hot Pot Meet & Greet 🍲

Hi everyone! As promise I am bringing the updates for the hot pot meet & greet 😉I know that was pretty quick as I used to be lol, and I will try to keep up every time! Surprisingly the event went pretty well, and it is much more better than all we have expected! The meet […]

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