From Taiwan to Surrey

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Taiwanese students

Hot Pot Meet & Greet 🍲

Hi everyone! As promise I am bringing the updates for the hot pot meet & greet 😉I know that was pretty quick as I used to be lol, and I will try to keep up every time! Surprisingly the event went pretty well, and it is much more better than all we have expected! The meet […]

Taiwanese Society!

Hello guys, it has been two weeks since the new academic year has started, loads of things have already came up in such a short amount of time. As a second year student, I need to focus on both academic and finding a placement for next year, which is just overwhelming 大家好~距離新學年度的開始也過了兩個禮拜了呢,在這短短的時間內已經有好多事情發生了,不論是在課業還是社團方面都讓我忙得團團轉🤯特別是升上二年級之後,我不但要同時兼顧課業和社團還要開始為明年的實習做準備,壓力可以說是真的不小⋯⋯ However I still […]

Welcome freshers!

哈囉大家好,距離上一次的更新已經好~長一段時間了,不知不覺新的學年度就要開始了!感覺我昨天還是新生,現在就是學姊了🤭還記得我去年為新生週寫的一系列文章嗎?想知道小撇步的新生趕快點擊下面的網址吧~ Hello guys, it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog 😅And the new academic year is about to start! Feels like me being a fresher is still yesterday and now I’m a senior 🤭Do you remember the series that I made for the freshers week? If ya’ll freshers want any tips from me, go […]

Recent update x Time management

好久不見!已經兩個禮拜沒上來寫寫文章分享我的校內生活了,現在打起字來都還有一點卡卡的😅 各位應該可以猜到隨著學期一天天的過去,要做的事也越來越多了,像是複習上課內容、做報告、打工,當然還有社交生活。一開始是有一點難調適跟安排我的時間,不過我覺得我已經可以開始慢慢習慣還有找到屬於適合我的節奏了。所以在今天的文章裡,我就和大家分享一下我最近到底在忙什麼啦~ Long time no see! Haven’t been here to write and share about my student life in two weeks, it seems quite unfamiliar for me to type in the texts now😅 As you can see, as the semester going past, there are more and more things coming up at the same time. Including revision, […]

Happy Chinese New Year! 🎉

新年快樂!🎉🎉🎉  現在終於正式進入農曆的2018狗年了!在這裡先向大家拜個年,祝大家在2018新的一年裡都萬事如意、心想事成! Happy Chinese New Year! It is now officially 2018 –  year of  the dog in the lunar year calendar and I would like to say my new year wishes to everyone; May all your wishes come true and all the best in the coming up new year! 就像西方的聖誕夜一樣,除夕夜對大部分的亞洲國家來說都是非常重要和盛大的。我們會和家人們團圓,然後一起吃著超級豐盛的年夜飯。不過像我們這些留學生就沒有機會回去和家人們團聚,每年的這個時候都覺得蠻可惜的😔  不過!感謝我們系上的華人同學們決定招待年夜飯給所有系上的同學們,讓他們來體驗看看年夜飯! So just like the […]

Here comes the second semester!

在進入主題之前,我知道前幾天花蓮才發生了很嚴重的地震,我想先為傷亡者祈禱也希望所有在看著這篇文章的人都平安無事🙏  身為留學生最大的遺憾應該就是當有事情發生的時候,我們沒有辦法陪在家人的身旁吧!不過相信大家的心還是一直在家人朋友們的身上的,因此適時的聯絡關心家人們其實是很重要的~ 天佑台灣🇹🇼 Before going into the topic, I knew there was a serious earthquake happened in Taiwan just a few days ago, I would like to pray for Taiwan and wish everyone are all safe at the moment🙏  It is always a shame for most of the international students that they are not around […]

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