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Women's Literary Culture Before the Conquest

Conceiving Histories: Re-Materialising An Empty Archive

The Conceiving Histories Exhibition at the Peltz Gallery, Birkbeck, University of London is the culmination of an innovative collaboration between my fellow medievalist, Isabel Davis, and the visual artist, Anna Burel, which focuses on what they call ‘un-pregnancy’ or ‘pregnancy feigned, imagined, hidden and difficult to diagnose’. Artwork by Anna Burel   Walking in to […]

The Nurse’s Tale: Histories, Archives and Forgotten Women.

RAF personnel unloading baggage for a group of Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service at Cherbourg, having disembarked from the liner BIARRITZ, 16 September 1939. Eva McIntosh is in the centre of the photo, at the foot of the gangplank. By the War Office official photographer [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. 21 July 2017 is the official […]

Medieval Women Readers: Eve of Wilton and the Pearl Maiden.

The Middle-English alliterative dream poem, Pearl, that appears uniquely in British Library MS Cotton Nero A.X, is illustrated with four miniatures. In the first, the narrator falls asleep. The second shows him in his dream, walking through a garden. In the third, still dreaming, he encounters a figure, the Pearl-Maiden, who is on the other […]

Double Standards: Who Owned The St Albans Psalter?

‘Psalm 105’, St Alban’s Psalter: Hildesheim, Dombibliothek, MS St Godehard 1, p.285 (public domain). In 2003, the St Albans Psalter (Hildesheim, Dombibliothek, MS St Godehard 1) was digitised and published online. The project was managed by Jane Geddes, and funded the Arts and Humanities Research Board and by Aberdeen University. This electronic publication marked a significant […]

Women’s Literary Culture Before the Conquest: Introducing the Project

  The Long Room, Trinity College, Dublin. Credit: Nic McPhee My new research project, funded by a Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship, will explore the literary culture of women in early medieval England, examining both the conditions that enabled a rich and varied culture to thrive, and the reasons why that remarkable culture is almost invisible today. Histories […]