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  • Welcome to Explore Your Archive Week!

    Welcome to Explore Your Archive week on the University of Surrey Archives & Special Collections Blog! This week the team will be posting everyday on all things archival, from how we obtain, catalogue and package our collections, to how we continue to care for our collections regarding preservation, house keeping and pest management. Aside from blogging, […]

  • Caring about History…

    ‘One of the cool things about Savannah’, said the speaker by the Marshall House hotel fireplace, ‘is that we all love our history.’ In recent weeks, I’ve been made to think about the value of history. Why should we care about history? What is it for? Can it be used unhelpfully? I’m here in Savannah for […]

  • Gotta get that money!

    Hey guys I hope you’re well and have enough money to buy groceries haha. This week, the topic is about duit duit duit. I’ve been finding it a bit challenging to keep track of my finances. I think all students go through this sooner or later but this month’s been particularly hard on me. The […]

  • The Library

    Quite a busy week this week had been, with all the coursework, midterms and events lining up I found myself in my very familiar spot – 4th floor in the Library. Having spent a lot of  my time in the library I figured why not make the library the topic of this week’s blog? The […]

  • Roadtrip Reflections (2): Hamburg

    Hi everyone, It’s been quite a busy week at the International Office this week as we began welcoming the new batch of ambassadors in for their first blogging “assignment”. It was good to see the many new faces and some people were even in more than once because they were doing campus tours as well. Things […]

  • Guildford (and London) Events on November

    こんにちは! 1週間また抜けてしまいましたね……。いい加減定期的にアップできるようなスピード感とライティング力を付けたいものです。 ただいまサリー大学はAcademic Weekの第7週が終わったところ。中間テストのある人も、遅くて来週のはじめくらいには終わるところがほとんどどかなと思います。私も先週、第6週にFinancial Managementの中間テストと、Professional Ethicsの個人レポート提出がありました。とは言え来週の火曜にはグループレポートの提出もあって、じゃっかん忙しくしています。それからPlacement Yearに向けた説明会とかもあったりして、少しずつプレッシャーがかかってきていますね。(それでもPlacementの応募は、私の学部(Tourism & Hospitality)では他の学部よりも遅いようで、他ではもう応募を始めているという話も聞きます……!) と、大学の勉強はそんな感じですが、11月はイベントの多い月でもありました! 11月4日のGuy Fawkes Day イベント(Guy Fawkes Day自体は5日なのですが、ギルフォードでは4日にイベントがありました)、11月11日のLord Mayor’s Show、11月16日のギルフォードのクリスマスライト・スイッチオン。今日は、そんな私が参加したイベントについて書いていきたいと思います。 Hello, everyone! It has been a long time since I wrote a blog last time.. (as always) It is the week 7 of the first semester now in Surrey, and most of the students just have done their mid-term exam. […]

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