5 Items to Take to the UK as an International Student

Have you thought about what to take to your studying abroad? If even one important thing is forgotten after your departure, you might start thinking about it a lot while being anxious about your survival. Although my standpoint is always “Everything will be alright”, it is a great thing to prepare. Therefore, I would like to share some things (e.g. products) that made my life easier as a student coming from Japan.

A photo I took when I visited London

List of Contents

  • Extension Cable
  • Health Care Products
  • Credit Cards
  • SIM Card
  • Conversion Plug / Transformer

1. Extension Cable

Some people might wonder if extension cables are sold in the UK as well. My answer is yes. However, many of those in the UK usually have only the UK-functioned adapter. So, here are a few advantages of bringing an extension cable that has the adapter style you mostly use:

– You can minimise the number of adaptors you take abroad

If you do not bring the cable, you need to use an adapter to use each electricity spot, therefore, that could make your actions effective and save your output as well.

– No need to go find an extension cable right after your arrival

Some university rooms might not have an electricity charging outlet where you wish.

2. Health Care Products

From my experience, a lot of new exchange/international students around me have caught a cold due to the difference in the environment, which could be both weather and lifestyle differences. I, myself, caught a bad cold about a week after I arrived in the UK. And, that could have been very challenging to go and find medicines at a pharmacy in a new environment with a different language while not feeling well. Therefore, I believe it is quite helpful to take some medicines to the country you are going to even though you do not think that you will catch a cold.

There are some medicines for colds in the UK as well, but those are not exactly like Japanese medicines, so I hope taking some medicines with you can make you feel better and ready to go abroad and start a new semester.

3. Credit Card with Visa/Mastercard etc 

Credit cards with Visa and Mastercard are able to be used in the UK. Therefore, if you do not have any yet, I believe that it is a good idea to make one before you leave your country because some credit cards require you to be in the country of your residence in order to create a new one.

Making a credit card often takes a little while until receiving, so planning this earlier can secure the receiving.

4. SIM Card

A SIM card is a small card that makes a phone be able to be used without relying on WiFi. The University of Surrey provides WiFi access to its students. However, outside of the campus and residential area, such as the journey from an airport to the arrival at the campus and between the campus and your accommodation, it will be very useful if your phone has a connection to check a map, call an Uber/Cab, and many more.

5. Conversion Plug/Transformer

Conversion Plug:

My personal recommendation regarding conversion plugs is to take several ones with you. As mentioned in the first section about extension cable, if you have the cable from your country, it might be fine to have only one/two plugs. However, in my case, I have brought about 5 plugs (the same 4 plugs, and a different one), and it was found to be very useful. It is because I can keep putting one/two in my bag for school and leave some being plugged in my room. The capability of always having a plug is quite beneficial because as an international student, if a plug is forgotten in an accommodation, you cannot charge anything at school unless the university has USB outlets.


Some people buy a transformer to take electronic items with them. I would like to introduce a way to avoid buying one, which is choosing a product that functions abroad. If you obtain that type of product, the only thing you need to use the item is a conversion plug.

Thank you very much for reading this far. I hope you will have a lovely day.