Trips of a Student from University of Surrey during Holidays

There are many reasons to travel. In this blog, I would like to share my findings through my travels.

List of Contents

  • London
  • Brighton
  • Netherlands


One of the most popular places to visit in the UK is London. From the train station in Guildford, where the University of Surrey is located, it takes only about 35 minutes to go to Waterloo Station. Therefore, going to London is one of the popular weekend activities among UoS (University of Surrey) students.
One of my favourite places I have been to in London is the Natural History Museum. There were various displays such as dinosaurs, stones, and insects. In the UK, you can enter many museums without fees except for donations, but I had a fulfilling experience at every museum I went to so far.

Outside of Natural History Museum

Every time I go to London, I get inspired by the diversity and countless opportunities you wish to experience. Therefore, one of the reasons why I go to London is to be stimulated.


I have been to Brighton, which is located in the North of England, through UoS’s pre-sessional English course I was in before my master’s study. As the area is on the coast side, there was a sea and there were many seagulls.

The Building of Brighton Palace Pier

That was my first time travelling since I came to the UK for my master’s, so it was such a fresh feeling and experience to be in a totally different town from Guildford.

I found it valuable to go on trips during your study through the Brighton trip as some of my coursemates said that they want to live in Brighton. This means that you may find new places or the atmosphere of a town that does not exist where you are from and that you feel really comfortable.


The Netherlands was a beautiful place, and the city area of Amsterdam reminded me of a few areas in Japan as there were many canals. My flight to go there and come back was only about an hour, so I found that people living in the UK can travel to Europe quite conveniently.

A Canal in Amsterdam Central

To go to the Netherlands, I took a coach from Guildford station to Heathrow airport only for an hour. So, Guildford is located in such a convenient area while having a relaxing and safe atmosphere.

It was my first time travelling abroad to a country that speaks another language except for English, therefore I was a little nervous at first. Hence, I was so surprised at the fact that almost all people living in the Netherlands are able to speak English. The reason why I reacted that way is that many people around me in Japan mainly speak only Japanese, so my perspective was broadened by witnessing the fact throughout the trip.

Thank you very much for reading this far. I wish today’s blog could give you an idea of what it is like to go on trips as a student from University of Surrey. I hope you will have a lovely day.