Language Support at University of Surrey

A Lecture Room on Campus

List of Contents

  • What ELSP is
  • Atmosphere of a Class
  • 3 Reasons Why I Took the Class

What ELSP is

ELSP stands for English Language Support Program. Students at the University of Surrey are able to take classes besides the classes of their own course for free. There are classes covering various things, such as academic writing, academic vocabulary, critical thinking, speaking skills, and more. In addition to the classes, one-on-one tutorials with a teacher are bookable for students who participate in the classes. I personally found the tutorial very helpful as it became a great practice for speaking English at the same time.

Atmosphere of a Class

In my first semester, I took a critical thinking class. There were about 15 students in total there, so it was a wonderful environment as a person who prefers small classes because of the closeness with a teacher and other students. The students in the class were from both undergraduate and postgraduate, also we were from various countries, which made the class discussions deeper and more interesting. To sum up, the class was small-structured, very diverse, and active-thinking styled.

3 Reasons Why I Took the Class

Firstly, when I received the review of my study in a pre-sessional English course, it was mentioned that I could develop my critical thinking skills more by a teacher of the course.

Secondly, at the master’s level, it is said that critical thinking, especially in wiring/reports, is more important than at the undergraduate level. And, it seemed a little challenging for me to develop the skill by myself because it was one of the top things I had plenty of room to improve. Therefore, I took the class as a help for the goal to build the skill, being taught by a teacher and inspired by other students.

Finally, I wanted to make friends with people who were not in MSc digital marketing which I major in. And, there are many international students as well as home students at the University of Surrey. Therefore, it was a great opportunity to meet the same students from various background every week with the same goal, improving critical thinking skills.

Thank you very much for reading this far. I hope you will have a lovely day.