Singapore meets Surrey

Our life and experiences as international students at Surrey

My First Ever Dive Experience | Langkawi

….. Hey there! It’s been awhile since I last posted as I was occupied with photo-shoots and editing! Summer has been absolutely great with all the travel plans and meetup with friends. Started off my travel adventure with a trip to Langkawi, Malaysia with my good old travel buddy who had scaled Mt.Rinjani, Great Ocean […]

Happy 53rd Birthday Singapore!

It’s 9th of August, an ordinary day for most people but its one of the most important day for Singapore. It’s our birthday and also a day of independence. Every year, National Day is celebrated on 9th of August to commemorate Singapore’s independence from Malaysia since 1965. 53 years later, Singapore has evolved from a […]

Presentation at Singapore Polytechnic

Back in my hometown, sunny Singapore! Hope everyone has been well so far! It’s been a month back home and I have been busy with photographing wedding and events for the past month and busy watching World Cup 2018. Though winners were France, I was supporting Belgium through this journey and couldn’t be more proud […]

While in Turkey Part II | Cappadocia

Here I am, at one of my bucket-list destination. Till today, I still can’t believe I made my way to Cappadocia to experience not only the rich culture but the famous Hot Air Balloon experience. We had a total of 4 days to explore what Cappadocia has to offer us. From chasing Hot Air Balloons […]

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