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What happens after the 15th Day of Lunar New Year…

Hi everyone!

We’re into Week 2 of the new term and things have just about begun to heat up around here. There’s no intended pun here because it’s still cold. The weather just continues its fluctuations every alternate week. We’re getting a couple of days of fair weather and the forecast says it’s going down again. But the fair weather allows me to be in a t-shirt and shorts in my room, which is awesome! In any case, I like to see that it’s a little brighter when I get up at 7am these days. I just found it really weird back in December and January that when I got up at 7am and it’s still all dark.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction !!

Hey Guys!

Eggy here, can’t believe that we’re in February already!

The Universities in the UK usually have aĀ  “reading week”, before the start of the second semester, to allow students to supposedly read up on their new modules before classes start! But really, students see this reading week as a chance to travel and enjoy, especially cause it comes right after exams end! Sadly, as a final year student I was stuck in Guildford because I had to work on my dissertation and also cause I had a dread dental appointment… that was my wisdom teeth extraction. Ayyyy…. I actually have a small phobia when it comes to dentist.. dont ask. but it all started from since I was young… the sounds of the machinery and the idea of masked dentists drilling into our teeth in our mouths ? er. no thanks.

Two Birthdays in Two Days!

Hey Guys šŸ™‚

Eggy here! Today, I’m going to be sharing with you guys about the birthday celebrations I was invited you the past two days cause we had some amazing food at these two restaurants here in Guildford and also cause we had such an amazing time!


So The first birthday is my friend Hazel’s, She’s 20 now! Happy Birthday Hazel! Wishing you all the very best! She had her birthday dinner at ZiZi’s in Guildford, an Italian restaurant that served really really authentic Italian food! It was so so bomb. Even though I had pasta for lunch, I opted for pasta again, just cause I was never a huge fan of Pizza… (I know, what a weirdo) haha. But I ordered this King Prawn Pasta in Lobster sauce and it was so so delicious! I actually can’t wait till I go back for it again!

Asian Foodies in London…

That is probably the first time and going to be the last time that I am using that word Foodie. haha

But today I’m going to be sharing with you guys some restaurants and dessert spots that my friends and I have tried out and loved and the word foodie comes in because… we actually had all these different foods on the same day, (Don’t Judge) therefore I felt the term foodie was appropriate cause we definitely were taking our cheat day seriously.

myung-gaProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

As I said previously, Chinese New Year is just around the corner and my friends and I planned to celebrate and have our CNY dinner together and we decided on Korean food, ironically! So we asked around and heard so many positive reccommendations about Myung Ga, this Korean BBQ Spot located in SOHO.

Happy Lunar New Year! šŸŠ

Wishing everyone a blessed Year of the Rooster ahead!


Hi everyone,

The New Year has officially begun then! I’m sure most (if not all) Singaporeans always feel the same way. Whether it’s at school or at work, it only really begins after we’re done celebrating Lunar New Year. For those at school, Lunar New Year is always the celebration that precedes the first exams of the year (from the Term 1 Common Tests for Primary and Secondary students to the Midterms for the tertiary students). So you bet I’m glad that, for all of us at Surrey, the exams are over! That means we can all enjoy this New Year weekend off plus the next week too before the 2nd semester begins.

Lego to the Lego Store …

Okay… maybe that was a bad pun. hahah

Anyways, Hello Guys, Eggy here!

Yesterday I headed off to London to meetup with one of my friends from High school, Nora! We have been friends since 2012, we survived the International Baccalaureate Diploma together and here we were meeting in London again! And I can tell you, we have not changed one bit… We still continue to embarass each other in public and it never gets old!


We met up in Chinatown (Leicester Square Station) of course, and we had to go to the famous, newly-opened, Lego Store in London that everyone has been raving about! I’ve walked by there several times and have always seen such a long queue outside the store. It was definitely too cold to queue up… but yesterday… We were in luck because it was a Wednesday therefore, We didn’t have to queue to enter the store which was amazing!

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