Singapore meets Surrey

Our life and experiences as international students at Surrey

Disneyland’s 25th Anniversary Suprise!

Hey Guys! So Easter Break at University is the time where everyone is travelling or camping out in the library… mostly travelling though. #letsbehonest.  So this Easter, I planned to surprise my family in Paris as they were passing through so I jumped on the Eurostar from London St. Pancra International that took me straight […]

Bloemenstad Haarlem 🌸🇳🇱

Hi everyone, If you’ve read my recent posts, I must have said somewhere that I’d been to the Netherlands in Week 2, which is also Holy Week because it leads into Good Friday and Easter Sunday. It wasn’t my first time in Netherlands having been there a couple years back so I wasn’t going back into […]

Lobster Rolls in London!

Hey Guys! So, apparently… Lobsters and Burgers are now a thing. And they are definitely all that is hyped about amongst Asians, especially those who travel all the way to London for studies or holiday. This famous restaurant, “Burger and Lobster” is definitely on everyone’s to-do list. And apparently my friends at Surrey had all […]

My Singapore Kitchen 🇸🇬😋

Hi everyone, Since I started working (and even now when I’m back studying again), holidays have become extra precious to me because I always see it as a time to rest and recuperate. When there’s a break, I was always eager to use it to just not do anything and rest at home rather than go on […]

A Trail in South Downs 🌳🏞

Happy Easter everyone! I’ll continue on from where I left off… Taking a midweek break to go on a trail in South Downs National Park. I like strolling in nature because it gives you a nice sense of privacy and that for me, gives me an opportunity to do some reflection and meditation amongst the […]

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