University of Surrey: North America

An insight into life at Surrey from two current Canadian students

Women’s Football Trip 2017 – Barcelona

Hello! Today I wanted to blog about my trip to Barcelona with the Women’s Football team. Myself and thirteen other players from the team packed our bags and flew out for a four day trip to Spain. The flight flew over what I assumed to be the French Alps which was an amazing sight to […]

Weekend Getaway – Rudgwick

Hello! Today I wanted to share with you a very special weekend getaway I was able to take not too long ago with two amazing friends, Heather and Damira. After what felt like a long two months of school, the three of us felt like it was time for a nice relaxing weekend away. We […]

Varsity Match 2017

Hello again! Today I wanted to tell you about a big university event that happens across England between two rival universities… Varsity matches! Yesterday was entirely dedicated to the different sporting teams going head to head with our rival university, Royal Holloway. The women’s football team were one of the firsts to play and we […]

Textbooks and databases

Hello! Today I thought I would share with you my experience purchasing textbooks and accessing databases through the University. I was pleasantly surprised when I purchased my first textbooks in the UK at the price I was paying for them. Even taking in the exchange rate I was paying almost half of the price I […]

Favorite Coffee Spots

Hello! Today I thought I would share with you my favorite on and off campus coffee spots for days when I am craving a treat or maybe getting restless of staying at my room desk or the library. My favorite on-campus spot to study while having coffee would be Starbucks. Although the prices are a bit […]

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