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University of Surrey visits Toronto!


My name’s Katie Sharpe and I work with Canadian applicants.  I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be visiting Toronto the first weekend of March to meet with prospective students.  I’d be more than happy to arrange to meet for a coffee so you can learn more about the University and ask any questions you may have.  I will be available between Friday 3rd and Monday 6th March.  To arrange an appointment please email me –

If you aren’t in Toronto, but would like more information please also get in touch.  I’m happy to help with any questions!

Differences between Canadian and British movie theaters

Hello! Given my love for movies, I thought that this week I would share with you the differences between Canadian and British movie theaters.

Back home I love going to see movies on the big screen. There’s something about the smell of popcorn, the comfy chairs and sharing the love of cinema with a crowd of strangers that adds to the cinematic experience (although I do love myself an empty theater). However, there is no denying that going to the theater is expensive and being a student makes it rather difficult to justify the price. Back home I am part a rewards program that gives me free movies quite often and some extra perks – this often makes it slightly easier to justify, but here in England it has been quite harder. A movie ticket at the theater in Guildford runs around 10 pounds (with student discount) which is about 17 CAD at the current currency rate conversion… 17$! That’s the price of a 3D movie back in Ottawa. In any case, I have still found a wonderful escape to the movies here in Guildford.

Reading Week – Paris Trip

Hello! The second term has finally started this week so I thought I would reminisce on my reading week – that was like any break, too short. It is interesting that we call this week of break reading read as we are between semesters and therefore have no reading but hey, I’ll take it! As I have mentioned in a previous blog, my cousin/best friend and I planned a trip to Paris for our break and I am so glad we did because we had a really wonderful time.


Victoria and I decided on Paris as it is only a 40 min plane ride out from Gatwick airport which in turn is only a 40 min train ride. We also decided that we would try out an Airbnb accommodation for this trip. We ended up booking with a gentleman that lives just outside of Paris in Nanterre. Most travel bloggers will tell you that staying in the city core or the “arrondissements” nearer to the center is better to save time, however, given that we were a three minute walk from the main metro line (or the RER) we were less than 15 minutes away from most major tourist attractions. As we stayed 6 days (4 of actual touring) we decided to invest in a Navigo travel pass which cost around 30 Euros and included all of our metro and bus transportation for the week. I recommend this pass to anyone who is staying longer than 4 days as it prevents you from having to wait in line, saves you money and really just brings you ease of mind when travelling through Paris. I was amazingly surprised at how fast and easy it was to travel by metro in Paris. We were also very happy with our decision to stay with an Airbnb host. Our host was really kind as he included breakfast every morning (amazing home made bread and croissants with coffee) and helped us plan our day to day excursions. Furthermore, he offered us a traditional french meal on our first night called a Raclette which is delicious melted cheese with potatoes and pickles. Having a main point of contact in Paris was a really great thing to have and I am so grateful for our host.

Going home for Christmas break – Part 2

Hello! As promised, today I wanted to discuss some of the difficulties I faced in my decision to go home for Christmas. I want to say that despite these difficulties, if I had to do it again, I would still go back home over break.

As I have described in a previous post, the semester schedules are very different here in England compared to Canada. The schedule is a lot like the ones we see in Canadian high schools in that your semester finishes before Christmas but you get a long break before your exams. My schedule worked like this:

Going home for Christmas break – Part 1

Hello! Today I wanted to blog about going home to Canada for Christmas break. I thought I would separate this blog into two parts: the first about how I happy I am with my decision to have gone home, and the second, about some of the difficulties I faced from having gone home. So without further ado here is the first part.

Going home for Christmas was something I knew I would do from very early when deciding to come to the University of Surrey. It is one of my favorite celebrations that brings together all of my family and friends, and I knew I could not miss it. Furthermore, I love myself a good white Christmas! I was so excited to go home the few days prior to departure and I am so fortunate to have had my two cousins, Victoria and Gabrielle, here with me to get excited about the trip home. We had collectively decided at the beginning of the year that we would leave on the Monday following the Friday that we finished classes in order to have a better deal on flights and not miss any lectures/tutorials. This allowed us to take a little adventure to Goldaming, which I have previously blogged about, and finish our Christmas shopping.

JD Pathway Program – Tutorials

Hello again! Today I thought I would share some more details about the law program offered at the University of Surrey. As I have mentioned previously, I am currently enrolled in the Law (JD Pathway) LLB (Hons) at Surrey which is a popular option for Canadian students that are interested in returning to Canada after their law degree. What I wanted to talk about in particular for this post are the tutorials.

One big difference between the tutorials here at Surrey and the ones I had during my undergrad is the size of them. During my undergrad the whole class of 200-400 students would be assigned to either the same or two separate tutorials which made for really large groups. At Surrey, we are about 8-12 students per tutorial which allows for a really intimate setting.

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