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Sustainability Showcase with First Year Students

Students on the first year module Economics, Business and Sustainability took over the Business Insights Lab on 12 and  13 December to host the first Sustainability Showcase Poster Exhibition. Groups were asked to answer why sustainability is important in the business environment, how businesses operate sustainably, who benefits and what are the benefits of operating sustainably?

Distributed Ledger Technology: Beyond Blockchain



I’ll start with the picture.

There are some wintry branches, behind them, a metal fence, on a cold grey flat day.  The metal fence encloses two sides of a small car park and by the nature of car parks, we can just make out a few cars at the back against a brick wall.  The wall, about 2m high if that, is crudely made of rough red bricks. Walls figure largely here, both literally and figuratively – on which, more later.

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