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The fifteenth anniversary of BRICS: changing tides in global governance

Following the ‘Doing Business in Emerging Markets’ webinar on Wednesday 3 November, Surrey Business School’s Dr Saori Sugeno reviews the impact of the BRICS. Back in 2001, reading Jim O’Neill’s report “Building better economic BRICs”, who could imagine that Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa (joining in 2010) would not become members of the […]

In the Shadow of the Pandemic: The 20th Anniversary of BRICs

A guest blog written by Surrey Business School’s Dr Saori Sugeno, ahead of the Doing Business in Emerging Markets webinar on Wednesday 3 November. The last two years have been extraordinary and will be remembered many decades from now. This is true not only in reference to the pandemic, but also because these two years […]

The Freedom of Freshers’ week and Surrey’s Postgraduate Society

A university is a student’s educational and professional dreamland. It’s a lovely epoch, full of learning, excitement, freedom, and friendship. The wonderful experiences of university are simply incredible. They leave an indelible mark on human memory. Like every new semester, students flooded the campus, arriving at University of Surrey from every corner of the world. […]

10 ways to work with Surrey Business School

Through our research and education, at Surrey Business School our aim is to inspire positive change that will have a lasting impact on business, society and individuals. Over the past few years, we’ve worked with businesses and beyond in ways that have enabled businesses to access our world-leading academics and top-class students. We collaborate with […]

Introducing our new Student Success Team

We’re delighted to introduce our new Student Success team for the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS), who are here to provide additional support for students who may need extra help navigating university life. The Student Success Team offer a complimentary service which sits along-side other support services already in place at the University. […]

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