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Gracious growth: Managing the trade-off between corporate greening and corporate growth

With thanks to Professor Tazeeb Rajwani, Professor of International Business and Strategy and Head of the Department of Strategy and International Business at Surrey Business School. Sustainable business practices have moved out of the footnotes in Corporate Social Responsibility reports and by-lines in shareholder statements to become not only key indicators of the long-term prospects […]

Celebrate differences and champion the movement for a gender-equal world with Surrey Business School

Our differences are what make us unique, and therefore should be celebrated. However, there still remains a glaring gender disparity in contemporary society. International Women’s Day (IWD) is held on the 8th of March annually to acknowledge the achievements of women and serves as a call to action for equality, diversity, and inclusivity.   For the past four years, the University […]

My Surrey MBA journey

Full-Time MBA student Sherifa Amreen shares insight into relocating from Bangladesh to the UK to undertake an MBA at Surrey Business School. “Deciding on taking a sabbatical from a progressing career was a tough call. But as I’m approaching my mid-thirties, I had to push myself outside of my comfort zone and see how things […]

Strategic Marketer with an intriguing journey

Strategic Marketing MSc student Urvashi Solanki reflects on her journey and the reasons why she chose to study at the University of Surrey. An ambitious Indian-origin girl, born and raised in Mumbai, I was always ready to take on challenges in life and blessed to take on different jobs since high school. In my junior […]

Time to take a closer look at ‘emerging market’ multinationals

Guest blog by Dr Saori Sugeno We often hear that multinational corporations play an important role in improving corporate standards in emerging markets. This is true, and a standard reaction based on years of western companies’ business experiences in emerging markets, a topic further explored in cross-disciplinary academic research.  But are large, well-established corporations with […]

Preparing for an MBA abroad

A guest blog by Surrey MBA student Roshmin Nair, who has joined Surrey Business School from India on the Full-time MBA programme. “Education is the passport to the Future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it Today” – Malcolm X Universities have begun the admissions process for the class of 2022. It’s time to get […]

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