Surrey student experience

Current students share their thoughts on planning for university, student life and what it’s like to study at the University of Surrey.

British University Traditions

I know that it can be scary moving to a different place, country or even continent, and can sometimes experience slight culture shock. I really realised I don’t know anything about the UK and what people do on a day to day basis when I came to study here in 2016-2017. My home is on […]

Going Out Out: Guildford style

So, you’ve knuckled down to get those good grades in your A-Levels, and quite possibly had to bid farewell to a social life for a few months; but once the excitement kicks in for actually going to university, then the social life might be quite high up in your priorities! I’ll attempt to sum up […]

Moving Away From Home

You’ve secured your place, you’re excited to start Uni and then it dawns on you… you’ve never moved away from home before, how are you going to cope without your parents cooking and wait… how does a washing machine work again? So, my top 5 tips for when you move out of home are: 1. […]

Four reasons to Study Abroad

As a Languages Student, I always knew I would have the opportunity to venture out to sunny Spain during my year abroad. And yet, many other students can also go on an Erasmus or study abroad programme – all over the world. Some can go for an entire year, others for a single semester, and […]

10 Tips for Learning to Cook at University

Maybe you’re applying for uni but are wondering how you’ll go about cooking for yourself? Or maybe you’ve survived your first semester but with a lot more takeaways and ready meals than you and your bank account would have liked?   Once I started cooking for myself, I began to experiment with different ingredients, recipes […]

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