Surrey student experience

Current students share their thoughts on planning for university, student life and what it’s like to study at the University of Surrey.

Choosing a Firm University

Applying to university is definitely such an exciting time! Making your decision on your firm university choice on UCAS means planning for the future and being able to visualise where you’ll start your next chapter. That said, it is definitely a daunting decision and the, ‘what ifs’ of the situation can cause you to question […]

My Favourite Study Spaces

It goes without saying but, at university, the vast majority of your time will be spent studying! Luckily, here at Surrey we have some really great facilities for you to make the most of. I find having a good study space is essential for my productivity, stopping me from procrastinating and making sure the work […]

How to write a standout personal statement!

A personal statement is a key part of your university application process and allows the university to get a feel for who you are, your interests and, most importantly, whether you would be a good candidate for their course. Whilst your grades are important in determining whether you get a place at the university of […]

Part-time Work, Including Becoming a Student Ambassador

Part-time work can be beneficial to students in so many ways; whether that’s to support living costs while at university, or to learn new skills. It’s important that part-time work fits around a students lifestyle and studies! Continue reading for more information on part-time work, including becoming a Student Ambassador! Benefits of part-time work Part-time […]

Day in the Life of a Veterinary Medicine Student

Veterinary Medicine has quite the reputation for being an intense course – this is somewhat true, we do have a lot of contact hours and cover a lot of content. It’s definitely not as bad as it sounds though! The teaching here at Surrey is very engaging and the content you cover is interesting, relevant […]

Frequently Asked Questions as a Vet Student

Moving to Surrey to finally start training towards my dream career has been such a dream come true. Vet school has been everything I had hoped it would be and more! If you’ve read any of my previous blogs or seen my takeovers on our Student Instagram then you’ll also know that I absolutely love […]

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