University of Surrey Graduation Day: A day of honour, speeches and emotions

A day when years of hard work, dedication and sacrifice culminate in a celebration of achievements and new beginnings, Graduation Day is a defining moment in the lives of students. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the essence of a Surrey graduation, the honour of delivering a speech and the rollercoaster of emotions that make it a day to cherish forever.

Chemistry class of 2023

The honour of delivering a speech:

Among the many unforgettable moments on Graduation Day, one of the most prestigious moments is the opportunity to deliver a commencement speech. This honour is bestowed upon a select few students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements, leadership and a commitment to their fellow students. Being chosen to deliver the speech is a recognition of not only one’s accomplishments but also of their ability to inspire and motivate their peers.

I stood before the graduating class, my own family and faculty members, sharing insights, experiences, and words of wisdom (as well as some Dad jokes):

“Today, we gather to celebrate the culmination of our university journey. As I reflect on my student life, one vivid memory stands out — During first year, we embarked on a field trip to measure the impact of the M25 on the pollution of the nearby forest and river. Armed with our scientific curiosity, we ventured forth, through muddy fields, bushes and hopping over fences. The challenges we faced were not only academic but also physical, as we waded through rivers and found ourselves knee-deep in muck to collect the samples we needed. We emerged from that field trip with mud-stained clothes and smiles on our faces, having acquired both scientific data and the enduring memory of a shared adventure.”

It’s a daunting task, yet one that brings immense pride and a sense of responsibility to represent graduating classes.

Emotions on Graduation Day: A rollercoaster ride:

As the morning sun rises over the campus, the atmosphere is charged with a mix of emotions. Excitement, pride, and nervousness intermingle as graduates don their caps and gowns, symbolising the academic journey they’re about to conclude.

During the commencement ceremony, emotions reach a crescendo. The processional march sets the stage for the event, and as graduates walk across the stage to receive their degrees, their faces reflect the immense joy of reaching this long-awaited milestone.

For many, Graduation Day is bittersweet. Saying goodbye to friends and professors who have become like family can be emotionally challenging, as they reflect on the countless memories shared within the university’s walls. However, this day also marks the beginning of new adventures and opportunities, instilling graduates with a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

A day to remember:

As the ceremony draws to a close and the graduates toss their caps into the air, the University of Surrey’s Graduation Day comes to an end. It’s a day filled with honour, speeches and emotions that encompass the past, the present and the boundless possibilities of the future.

For the graduates, it marks the end of an era and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in their lives. They leave the campus with fond memories, friendships forged and a sense of accomplishment that will accompany them wherever their journeys take them.