Contextual Offer at University of Surrey

The contextual offer scheme looks at groups of students who are from areas with historically low rates of higher education and adjusts university entry requirements to make it easier for you to get onto your course and have the opportunity to attend university.

The scheme personally helped me get into Surrey by offering the opportunity to enter my course with lower entry requirements, as I slipped down a grade in maths due to lost learning from COVID-19 and other factors. Without the scheme, I would not have been able to enter Surrey.

As my postcode is registered as a quintile 1 Polar 4 postcode, I didn’t have to apply for the scheme. It was automatically issued to me, via UCAS.

Being on a foundation year, we have our own welfare and support team who focus on giving you the help you need to progress onto the undergraduate courses next year. In addition to this, Surrey’s Academic Support team have helped me numerous times with essays to ensure my referencing and formal wording is used correctly. Full of supportive staff and students ready to help you with any issues – be it assignment help or something more serious – MySurrey Hive is another popular destination for help.

– Douglas Potter