A Guide to Navigating Accommodation Choices

Choosing the right accommodation is a crucial part of your university journey – it can feel daunting, and although there is lots of information out there, sometimes it becomes overwhelming! After all, it will be where you’ll call home during your time at the University of Surrey. With our accommodation applications opening at 10am (GMT) on Tuesday 6th February, let’s explore the various options available, across all campuses.

Accommodation Bands

The University of Surrey offers a range of accommodation options, grouped into different bands. Your choice will depend on personal preferences, budget considerations, and lifestyle. You can look at our eight different options for students over on our website: https://www.surrey.ac.uk/accommodation/our-accommodation

Each of the accommodations have their unique perks and include laundry facilities.

Which campus?

While you may not always have the option to select your preferred campus, here’s some information on each one. This will not only give you an idea of where you might be placed depending on your band, but it will also serve as an introduction to your future residence when you receive your offer.

Stag Hill:

Residing on Stag Hill puts you at the heart of the University. With the main campus on your doorstep, you’ll have easy access to classes, the library, the Hive, popular study spaces, and the Students’ Union. Staying on Stag Hill entitles you to a discounted Stagecoach bus pass. Additionally, there are bike storage facilities, and you can take advantage of our bike rental scheme, Nextbike.

Band’s available: Band Shared, Band C, Band D, Band E, Band F, and Family Flats

Manor Park:

If you’re someone who prefers a bit more space and the convenience of having Surrey Sports Park within walking distance, then Manor Park might be your ideal choice. Manor Park offers a more tranquil setting, ideal for those who appreciate a balance between study and leisure. There are fields and routes to wander around or play sports. It’s also conveniently placed right across from Tesco’s.

All of the accommodation rooms at Manor Park come with ensuite bathrooms, so if that’s your preference you’ll most likely be placed here. It’s approximately a 20-25 minute walk to campus or a quick 7-minute bus ride. Living on Manor Park also qualifies you for a discounted Stagecoach bus pass. There are bike storage facilities located at Manor Park and you also have access to our bike rental scheme.

Band’s Available: Band D, Band E, and Family Flats

Hazel Farm:

Hazel Farm is situated at a distance approximately two to three miles from the Stag Hill campus, lending it a distinctive sense of community in a residential area of Guildford. Due to its distance, all Hazel Farm residents are eligible for a subsidised Stagecoach bus pass, providing access to all nearby bus routes. Moreover, bicycle storage facilities are also available.

Band’s available: Band A and Band B

Insights from Surrey Students

“I’ve really liked living in both Stag Hill and Manor Park. They each have their perks – starting my university journey in the centre of campus (Stag Hill) was great because everything felt so huge, which helped me find my way around. But right now, I’m enjoying Manor Park because I’ve got more space, and having Tesco’s nearby is super convenient! Plus, being right next to Manor Park Social is fantastic. It’s affordable, a great place to socialise, and perfect for meeting friends, grabbing coffee, or studying.”

“I’ve really enjoyed living in Manor Park in my first year. The room was comfy and spacious; and we had quite a bit kitchen which was nice. Distance from campus was not a problem since the bus was quick. I also liked being so close to nature; with the fields, forest and two lakes. There are a few coffee shops nearby and Manor Park Social, so it’s easy to meet friends. If you enjoy having more space and living a quieter life not on the heart of campus, Manor Park is the ideal location.” 


While on-campus accommodation is a convenient option and a great way to meet other students, some prefer alternatives like private rentals or off-campus student accommodation. If you’re interested in exploring off-campus options, the university’s support and advice service, ussu.advice@surrey.ac.uk, is a great resource. They can provide guidance and valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.

As you prepare to make your accommodation choices, consider your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Whether you decide to be on-campus or off-campus, your university experience is sure to leave a lasting impression. If you have any questions or need support, don’t hesitate to reach out to accommodation@surrey.ac.uk.

Remember, applications open at 10am (GMT) on Tuesday 6th February. Get ready to embark on an exciting chapter of your life at the University of Surrey – your future home awaits!