Welcome to Surrey’s Economics and Finance Society

Hello! Welcome to the University of Surrey’s Economics and Finance Society (EFS), the largest society at the University with 470 members!

Surrey’s EFS provides a beacon of opportunity and growth for students passionate about economics and finance, through an array of events, initiatives, and a culture of inclusivity. We empower our members to become tomorrow’s leaders in the financial services sector through:

  • Networking and careers events that connect students with employers and industry professionals. We have previously hosted high-profile networking and career events with companies such as Barclays, Charles Stanley, Deloitte, Capco, Baringa Partners, Lloyds and many more. Through partnerships with leading firms and organizations, we provide exclusive opportunities for members to interact with industry professionals, gain insights into career paths, and secure placements, graduate roles or summer internships. We are proudly sponsored by Bank of America, Lazard and Capital City Training.
  • Guest speaker events to provide the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding from industry professionals. Previous guest speakers have worked for companies such as Bank of America, EY, Grierson Dickens Ltd, Charles Stanley, Schroders, Lloyds and Goldman Sachs.
  • Workshops and simulations to educate students on relevant quantitative and technical skills in preparation for the demands of their future roles. This includes Finance Accelerator Simulation by AmplifyMe, CV preparation, case study workshops, and interview skills.
AmplifyMe Finance Accelerator
AmplifyME uses simulation technology to help students get hired based on their ability not background. Top performers have the opportunity to be fast-tracked to AmplifyME’s partner clients, including global sponsors.
  • Society collaborations such as bar crawls and games nights to socialise and get to know people who share the same interests. During games nights, we provide a safe space for students to talk to our fully trained Wellbeing Champions as we realise students need to escape from the fast paced academic life.
Barcrawl with our Politics Society and Law Society
Wellbeing and games night collaboration with our Mathematics Society and Games Society
  • AP Capital Research (APCR) which is a student-based finance initiative that is a branch of the EFS. APCR aims to help students find their interest and passion within global markets and asset management through writing detailed financial reports. We have had over 30 writers since its inception (September 2020) and hope to grow this initiative to a larger scale. In terms of divisions, we have the stock report team, weekly market insights, and investment series. Over 20 reports have been made and we aim to make over 50 in the coming year. Find out more about AP Capital Research here: https://apcapitalresearch.com/
  • Debates and competitions, offering students the opportunity to interact and compete with like-minded peers across the nation. Previously, EFS has attended debating events where our members have gone through several stages of the debating competition.

Benefits of joining

  1. Networking opportunities with industry professionals and potential employers
  2. Access to exclusive career events, workshops, and simulations
  3. Insights from guest speakers and experts in the field
  4. Participation in student-led initiatives like AP Capital Research
  5. Engaging in debates and competitions to hone critical thinking and communication skills
  6. Building a supportive community of like-minded peers
Careers Panel
Careers panel
Investment banking training workshop with Greg Mayes from Capital City Training

Our ethos of inclusivity attracts a diverse range of members which include Economics, Accounting, Law, Business and STEM students. As well as having a diverse range of students from different degrees, we foster a culture of diversity and inclusivity through making our events completely free of charge to encourage students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexualities and degree backgrounds to join our society.

How to join

You can join our EFS on our Students’ Union website.

To keep up to date with events, make sure to follow us on Instagram.

If you want to be involved in the committee, our AGM takes place in April where the president, vice president and treasurer will be elected. However, these are not the only roles available in the committee! After the signatories been elected, the applications for sub committee open.

You can find our website here, and you can get in touch with us at surreyefs@outlook.com

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Economics Ball – Malthus Dinner