My journey to Surrey

Dear readers,

My name is Desi and this is my first blog. I am from Bulgaria and I am a Student Ambassador at the University of Surrey. I study Public Affairs MSc (one-year course). In fact, this is my forth year, studying at the University. Hence, there was a transition from an undergraduate programme (BSc Politics and Economics) to a postgraduate course.

In effect, in my final year of high school I had to choose between various universities, offering access to higher education. It was a difficult choice because I had to decide between the option to stay in my country or to go abroad. On the one hand, the first option gave me the opportunity to be closer to home, family and friends. On the other hand, the second option implied that I could go in a different country where I could meet new people with various interests, background and culture, leading to personal enrichment. The support from my family led to the freedom to choose what I want to do. Thus, I was able to take this important decision, given my preference. It was really important to have this autonomy to choose my own path.

In order to take an informed decision, I completed a research in relation to potential universities in the U.K. and their courses. It was crucial to check the structure of the programmes and the specific modules, both compulsory and optional. This was one of the key factors which influenced my choice. That was because I wanted to study something that I was interested in, a subject which could contribute to the increase of my knowledge. The accommodation fees were another key feature, directing me towards more affordable options, given budget constraints. Nonetheless, the quality of teaching was one of the most important elements. The University of Surrey combined all of these three main factors. There was a very good structure of the available courses, affordable accommodation and high-quality education. That is why I chose Surrey.

University of Surrey

Nonetheless, in order to be able to study there, I had to prepare for exams which were a vital part of the application process. Given the overall school performance, I received a letter from the University of Surrey, offering me a place for their programme. That was the moment when I applied for an accommodation and started the preparation for my departure. In fact, it was crucial to prepare mentally for the journey because I had to separate from my family and friends for the next 3-4 years. This was the time when I researched in more detail the University, the services that it provided and its activities organised on campus. Consequently, I purchased my ticket and arrived in England.

This was both challenging and rewarding experience. I was able to work effectively under pressure, organising my time efficiently in order to prepare for the journey. My choice to study at Surrey was based on research and willingness to develop both personally and professionally. Thus, the objective, to continue my studies to the next level, was achieved.

Until next time,