Surrey meets Europe

Learn about life at Surrey from a current students from Europe

Global Graduate Award in languages

Dear friends, Let me tell you about the Global Graduate Award in languages. Once you get an offer from the University of Surrey and accept it, you become a student with an astonishing amount of options, opportunities and extracurricular activities. As a Surrey student you have compulsory and optional modules, providing a great variety of […]

Library – level 2

Dear friends, We are in the library at the University of Surrey. Let’s go to level 2. There are two lifts- the green and the orange. If you use the entrance on level 1, the closest lift is the orange one. If you come through the entrance on the ground level, the green lift would […]


Dear friends, If you have not heard about the University Library, you are missing out. It is one of the most exciting places on campus. When you arrive in front of the Austin Peace building you can go straight ahead, passing through the buildings, which, at the end, lead to one of the entrances to […]

Difference between BSc and MSc courses (Part 2)

Dear friends, Why would you consider doing MSc after your undergraduate programme? During my final year as an undergraduate student I applied to pursue a postgraduate degree at the University of Surrey. Students usually would prefer to start working right after their graduation in oder to earn money. These students do a placement during their […]

Difference between BSc and MSc course (Part 1)

Dear friends, I studied Politics and Economics and Public Affairs MSc at the University of Surrey. How different are both courses? On the one hand, BSc was becoming more intense gradually, as it was a 3-year programme. At the beginning I had to learn the basics via modules such as Introduction to Politics, Introduction to […]

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