Surrey meets Europe

Learn about life at Surrey from a current students from Europe

Shopping in Guildford

Dear readers,  When I first arrived in Guildford, I had only a small amount of food with me for the first few days. During that period, I was in my room in Hazel Farm, and I was not familiar with the surroundings. However, the tour around the accommodation and the university helped me because after that […]

Life in Guildford

Dear readers, The life in Guildford is very exciting and relaxing. Initially, as mentioned in previous blogs, I saw the beauty of the nature from my accommodation in Hazel Farm. There are so many green spaces where students can take a deep breath, feeling the quality of the fresh and clean air. The accommodation is […]

My road to Surrey

Hello and welcome back to the second edition of my blog! Here I will disclose how I made my away to the University of Surrey after 6 years of finishing high school, which for some, the thought of studying in higher education would simply dissipate. From the moment I finished high school in Lithuania, I […]