Dear friends,

If you have not heard about the University Library, you are missing out. It is one of the most exciting places on campus. When you arrive in front of the Austin Peace building you can go straight ahead, passing through the buildings, which, at the end, lead to one of the entrances to the Library. On ground level you can find Simply Fresh and opposite to its entry you can see tables and chairs, placed for students to use during lunch time, for instance. This is convenient especially after a long morning session, studying in a lecture theatre or the library itself.

In fact, there are green and yellow arrows on the stairs, leading to level 1 of the library, hence, it is very easy to find them. On level 1 you need to scan your student card in order to enter. However, if you do not have it with you, you might prefer sitting on one of the chairs, located on the same level, for which special access is not required. There are a few computers and a water dispenser. Nonetheless, if you need to access the library, you can ask for a temporary pass at the Reception desk, which will allow you to enter. Thus, you will be able to use all facilities that are available in the library.

Visitors can ask for a visitor pass, while alumni can ask for an alumni card, allowing to borrow up to 4 books (physical copies) from the library. If you have requested a book via the library website, the next place you see after the Reception desk, where librarians are located, is the area for requested items, Surrey Reads books and books on demand, which cannot be borrowed. If you enter this area you can find your book by finding your surname in an alphabetical order. Then you will need to firstly scan the barcode on your student ID on a machine and then the book. After the process is over you can take your book and go. The loans are auto renewable (every 7 days). If another student requests the same copy, you will need to return the book by the due date shown on your library account. If you need the book for longer period of time, you can request it again and, while waiting, you may look for an online version of the book. You can also consider buying a new copy from the shop.

In the area for requested books, there are tables and chairs where you can sit and read peacefully your books. Moreover, you can look at the Surrey Reads section, which offers new books from bestselling authors, covering various topics such as wellbeing. Outside of this area there are many more places, where you can go and use a computer or a printer. There are stairs and 2 lifts for the 5 floors. Additionally, there is an IT help desk, silent study space, group study rooms with capacity from 3 to about 6 people, a learning development area and Maths and Statistics area. The group study rooms can be found on level 1, 2 and 4 and can be booked via a specific app or simply through the library website. Usually the rooms can be booked for up to 2 hours during semester time.

The library at the University of Surrey is an extraordinary place, which I highly recommend you to visit. It is a place, where you can study individually or in groups. The books, the shelves, the atmosphere, everything is magical.

Until next time,