Student Accommodation

Dear readers, 

After receiving my offer to study at the University of Surrey, I had to accept it in order to be able to apply for accommodation. This was one of the fundamental elements that I took into account before accepting the offer. The accommodation is indispensable for first-year students who do not live in Guildford or near the town. Before applying for an undergraduate programme at the university, I had to look at the website where there was a lot of information and details regarding the accommodation. In fact, according to the policy of the university, students can apply for a room only after accepting their offer, providing all the necessary documents, which can meet the initial criteria.  

Secondly, there were different types of rooms, divided into bands. Students can choose rooms from band A to band E. The difference comes from the size, the location and the cost of the rooms. The most affordable option is band A-shared, meaning that two students will live in one shared space. Hence, in this case it would be beneficial if students know each other in advance. It is useful to have a friendly relationship in order to live in peace. This is crucial given that students need to study in a quite environment. Moreover, they need to have a place where they can take a rest, sleep, regaining their energy for the next day. Thus, it is not easy to live with other people, especially if they are initially unknown to you. There might be uncertainty in relation to the other person. Does that person usually prefer to stay at home or is that person in favour of the nightlife? If the two people answer the question differently, then the coexistence might be difficult.  

Accommodation | University of Surrey
Student Accommodation
(University of Surrey, 2022)

On the other hand, band A consists of single budget rooms as well. The rooms are relatively small, however, in band B they become slightly bigger and include a washbasin. Band A and B have common features, a shared kitchen and a bathroom. In the kitchen you can find a fridge, freezer and all of the essential appliances such as kettle and microwave. The number of bathrooms depends on the number of rooms that are available in a given house. Usually for 7 people, living in accommodation, Band A, there are two showers and two toilets. The location of both, band A (budget rooms only) and band B is in Hazel Farm, meaning that students will need between 25 and 35 minutes to go to the university by bus. The time may vary due to congestion.  

Band C is at the core of the main campus. Thus, it is really close to the library and the buildings where there is usually teaching. The 20-minute walk to the Tesco Superstore implies that students can save money from public transport and they can breathe clean air. In this case, the size of the rooms increases and there might be en-suite rooms. Band D rooms can be found both at Stag Hill and Manor Park, mostly with an individual shower. The rooms from band E are larger and the price rises accordingly, and residents will have their own shower. Band F rooms are studio flats with a kitchen, which is a great benefit. There are also family flats and guest rooms. 

Hence, when I accepted my offer to study at Surrey, I applied for accommodation, taking into consideration the specific characteristics of the available rooms. The life in student accommodation is a special experience and this allows creating new friendships and being part of the student community. 

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