Surrey meets Italy

Learn about life at Surrey from a current students from Italy

Why Guildford?

Ciao ragazzi, buon anno!! 🙂 If you are thinking about studying at the University of Surrey, you probably wonder how it is like to live in Guildford. Well, I assure you Guildford is the most student-friendly city you can think about! First, the University is the pumping heart of Guildford. Therefore, wherever you are, you’ll […]


Hello, it’s Carola! Today I wanted to talk about the UK culture and what to expect when moving to the UK. Hopefully, this will help you with your cultural shock and make the transition easier. But remember that experiencing a cultural shock is completely normal and it will fade with time. In the meantime, try […]

An Italian in Guildford

Ciao a tutti! 😊 My name’s Giacomo, but everyone here calls me Jack. If you’re reading this post now, you’re probably from Italy. Well, I’m Italian too! I live in a tiny village near Milan. However, since September 2021, I’ve been living in the charming town of Guildford.  Here I am pursuing an MSc in […]


Hi everyone, I am Carola! I study Criminology and I am currently in the third and last year of my bachelor’s degree. I have also recently become a Student Ambassador. I work in the International Recruitment team and I am here to share with you the life of a student at the University of Surrey! […]

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