Surrey meets Italy

Learn about life at Surrey from a current students from Italy

How to deal with deadlines?

Ciao a tutti! 🙂 It has been a while since I last got in touch with you guys on Surrey Meets Italy. And the reason is pretty straightforward: it has been a very much packed period! Indeed, when doing a master’s, you should expect a lot of work, and sometimes it can be pretty overwhelming. […]

What to expect after a master’s?

Hey guys! I hope you’re fine! By this time, I think most of you will have already decided where and what to study next year. Hopefully, Surrey will be your next home! If you are coming to Surrey to study for a master’s, you might already wonder, what’s next? Well, first of all, let me […]

How to approach the first assignment?

Ciao ragazzi! 🙂 I’ve been away for quite some time because of some uni-related work I had to finish up. Today, I want to talk to you about my experience with my first assignment back in October. In Italy, we are not used to writing assignments or essays, as you know. Our marks for the […]


Hello, this post will inform you about the help you can get from the university in terms of career support. The University of Surrey has great career support in place, which helps you become more employable and discover your future opportunities from your first year. Surrey Pathfinder is your main resource for anything that has […]


Hello everybody! Today I want to talk about university halls, which is, most likely, where you will be living at least for your first year of university. The University of Surrey has more than 6000 rooms available and guarantees accommodation to all first-year students. I definitely suggest to everyone coming to university to experience university […]

Why Air Transport Management?

Ciao amici!! I hope you’re all doing well 🙂 Today I just wanted to briefly share my experience studying Air Transport Management at Surrey. This is kind of a specific course, right? I’d say so, and I must say I love that Surrey provides us with many very industry-specific courses. A master’s is the chance […]

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