this post will inform you about the help you can get from the university in terms of career support. The University of Surrey has great career support in place, which helps you become more employable and discover your future opportunities from your first year.

Surrey Pathfinder is your main resource for anything that has to do with career and employability. It is a portal connected with your university account that supports you throughout your university experience and gives you the opportunity to become more employable.

On Surrey Pathfinder you can sign up for many workshops around employability. The workshops are often conducted by big companies but could also be university-led. The workshops will help you with the most basic things such as CV, cover letter and LinkedIn but also many other interesting topics. I have recently taken part in a workshop about strengths and how to use them in your interview and it was an incredible topic that helped me discover myself better. You can find all these workshops on Surrey Pathfinder, and they run all year along, with the most common ones being on a monthly basis.

Surrey Pathfinder also provides resources and guides on how to prepare for interviews, how to structure your CV and cover letter depending on your needs and many other topics. These templates will help you start your journey preparing for a job and are helpful to result as professional as possible.

Moreover, the Career Team offers appointments to help with any career questions. They will read your CV or Cover letter and help you with further improvements, they will check your applications for jobs or placements to make sure you are tackling all the requirements, they will lead mock interviews for you and answer any other queries. They are there to help you with anything regarding your career and are a really competent team of people.  

Fairs are also organised throughout the year to meet future employers in your field and start networking. It is a great opportunity to make connections, stand out to your future colleagues and meet people who are going to be in the field with you.

Lastly, on Surrey Pathfinder you can complete the Employability Award. It is an award that requires you to complete a certain number of working hours and multiple courses and workshops that will make you more employable. Finally, you will have to complete e reflection to complete the award that will result in your university degree certification.

Besides all of the support and resources, the best way to gain employable skills is to complete a Placement year. In a placement year, you will work in the field and acquire new knowledge as well as skills that will make you more employable.

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