The Adventure: Beginning

終於星期五了!也到了上傳新文章的時間了:) 經過兩篇好玩有趣的新生週介紹之後,今天我要和大家分享的就是最重要的學習部分啦~

It’s Friday again! Which means it’s time for another blog;) So after the excitement of the fresher’s week, today I’m going to talk about the most important part of the uni life in Surrey, which is the studying for sure!


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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

There are three main faculties in Surrey, which are Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), Engineering and Physical Sciences (FEPS) and Health and Medical Science. (FHMS) As for me, I am belong to FASS and currently doing Film and Video Production Technology at the moment.


The recording session in studio!

As a student doing a course that is linked between arts and technology, whether the software or hardware is extremely important and essential. At the first time when I was in Surrey as an university candidate, I was so impressed by the facilities. On the interview day, I didn’t only just take a look at the studios or listen to the course introduction talk but actually got the chance to operate several fancy and professional devices. Which did really make up my mind to get into Surrey, because I knew that I will have the opportunities to do practical exercises that is what I expected in this course.


The microphone lab 😮

Who will expect an oscilloscope in film course 😀

Now it’s been almost 2 months since I started the course, and I am actually doing the practicals that I have been expected before! As we finished the introduction and the general knowledge that we need to know in the lecture, we moved to the studio and lab to carry out everything that we have covered. The plans between lectures and practicals make a great combination to bring the knowledge from the slides into life. By going through the process, it is not only a good recap, also give impression and excitements to the course.


There are only 18 people in my course, which is relatively smaller than other courses in the university. Because this is a quite new and unique course that is specified in the technology and creative side of video production, we are only the second generation in this course! Surprisingly, the current second year students are only around 10 or even less. However, due to the small amount of people in my course, the quality of the lecture is really good and we can get close to each other really quickly. In the first department introduction talk, the head of the department said that “In this industry, you will never know who will be your college or boss in the next minute.” This also clearly indicate the importance of keeping in touch and building the relationship with others, and I would say we did a pretty great job in my course:)


Class of 2017/18 FVPT!

Of course, university could sometimes be challenging and stressful, that’s why you will always need your course mates! When it comes to any coursework or exams, we will always plan a time to book a group study room in the library to discuss with each other. Brain storming with people is the best way to develop your ideas, also helping out others can be a good revise at the same time. Apart from the studies, having a social event is another must! We are film students and people who do the production, at the latest social event we watched each others videos to get to know each other more, besides, we are so inspired by everyone’s movie and idea.


It’s only my first semester and I will be more looking forward to the rest of my course and the upcoming adventure! There are too many things about studies that I could talk to you guys, so I hope you can all expecting the next coming up blog. I will see you then, bye!


Mandy xx