Christmas Special: Winter Wonderland ❄ ❄

PART 2 來了!同時期末考週也來了🙃  雖然有讀書的壓力,不過回朔一下美好的記憶也是另一種解放…(應該啦) 所以這次不跟大家問好了,因為我本身就非常的不好哈哈哈,總而言之,讓我們繼續回到倫敦之旅吧👇

Here’s the part two! Meanwhile it is exam period🙃  I feel stressed but having some recap for the great memory is always the best relief…(I guess😅 ) So this time, not gonna ask how’s everyone doing as usual because I AM NOT FINE. Anyways, Let’s go straight to the topic👇


Believe everyone still remember the insane view for the National History Museum, if not here you go again 😂


The weather is another miracle too, especially it’s the unpredictable British weather😉

雖然當天是平日,觀光的人潮還是不容小覷。我們很幸運了避開了尖峰時段,等到我們逛完出來外面都要排隊才能進去了✌🏼 整天都是一整個幸運(目前為止lol) 一進去博物館,就看到一整個大藍鯨的骨骼被掛在天花板上,再搭配上對稱的階梯扶手,超級壯觀!在階梯的正中間還有我flatmate的偶像😂發表進化論的達爾文的雕像,其實我覺得整個博物館比較像是科學博物館欸,大部分都是各種生物進化的展示,難怪有達爾文鎮樓(?)

Even though it was during the weekdays,there is still a big amount of tourists. Luckily we got in before the peak time, as the time we came out, people were standing in the que and wait to get in. We were so lucky for the whole day✌🏼 (at least so far lol) When we entered into the museum, there was the bone of a big blue whale hanging on the top of the ceiling, and the perfectly symmetric stairs, it was so pretty! In the middle of the stair, there was the statue of Charles Darwin, my flatmate’s historical crush😂  In my opinion, I feel like it is more like a science museum because of the showrooms for the evolution of different species.

這個博物館的另一個重點絕對是恐龍展覽區!這裡有各式各樣的恐龍模型還有他們的詳細介紹,甚至還有會動的機械恐龍😮 不過身為一個台中人,我已經對各種恐龍模型非常熟悉了,畢竟小時候戶外教學都是去科博館哈哈哈。不過這裡的展示區可以說是另一個更有fu的版本,也是非常值得一來喔!

The other highlights in the museum is definitely the dinosaur showroom! There are so many different kinds of dinosaurs’ model and introduction, there is even a moving machine dinosaur😮  It is quite familiar to me since I’m from Taichung, when I was a child, science museum is always our school trip. But the one in London is like the other version with more atmosphere I’d say.

逛完博物館之後我們都超級餓,所以我們就前往了在柯芬園的韓式烤肉當作我們的午餐。因為我們已經想吃韓式烤肉很久了,這次來到倫敦當然也是要把吃烤肉的行程排進去囉~我們一開始都超期待根本等不及要吃烤肉,不過當菜一上我們都傻眼,因為份量太小了😭 CP值超低,我們都超失望。不過後來有因為有了學生折扣打8哲才覺得有點釋懷😂 身為大學生還是有一點好處,雖然大部分都活在壓力之中哈哈。

After visiting the museum, we got so hungry because of those walking, so we went to the Korean BBQ place in Covent Garden. We have been craving for Korean BBQ for ages, so coming for the BBQ is our another must-do list! At first we were so excited and can’t wait to have the BBQ, but when the food was here, we are so disappointed because of its small portion… Even though the food was alright, it really doesn’t worth the price😭  The thing that finally make us feel more relief is the 20% student discount😂  Sometimes being an university student is such a big benefit but stressed at the same time haha.

Korean fried chicken🌶️

吃完一點都不滿足的韓式烤肉之後,我們去了Camden Garden。每次有人要去倫敦玩,我已經聽了不只一次大家說要去Camden Garden逛逛。當我們一出地鐵站,整個風景跟倫敦市中心高貴優雅的舊建築完全不一樣,反而是有一種各種文化融合的感覺。有色彩繽紛的小房子,不同的攤販還有超級香的小吃。我們超級後悔沒來這裡吃小吃,不過每次的遺憾都是下次旅行的藉口嘛~下次絕對要來Camden吃遍各種小吃!

The next stop we’re heading to after the unsatisfied lunch (lol) is Camden Garden~ Everytime when people are going to London, I have heard more than one time that people are saying you need to visit Camden. When we get off the tube station, the view and atmosphere is so different from the central London. There are not fancy, beautiful ancient building, but some small and colorful houses. The whole area is kinda hippy but mixed with so many different culture, there are small stands selling small things also with the good smelling street food! We are both so regret having the small portion expensive BBQ rather than having the street food in Camden😣  But the regrets are always the best reasons for traveling again, next time, I’m definitely gonna have the street food in Camden!

Views of Camden❤️

我之前有說過,其實來倫敦的另一個主要目的就是吃!有一間甜點店叫做’Lanka’距離Camden Garden大概十分鐘的公車車程,是一間日式甜點專賣店還有我最愛的抹茶甜點~當我們抵達的時候已經快天黑了,一推開門那個香味我到現在都還記得,有夠好聞😿  我點了抹茶提拉米蘇,口味跟口感都超好吃的,絕對是我今天做得最好的選擇~

I have said it before, our real purpose of coming to London is for food! There is a cake shop called ‘Lanka’ where is just around Camden Market. They sell the delicious Japanese dessert including my whole time favourite matcha😋  When we arrived there, the sun is just about to set, at the time we open the door, it was the smell from heaven, so so nice!😿 I ordered a green tea tiramisu, the texture and the flavor is amazing. Best food choice for the day indeed!

下一篇絕對會是winter wonderland遊記😂😂😂 (寫超久)!!!下次見,祝大家(還有我自己😂)考試順利🤞🏼~

Next article will definitely be the winter wonder trip!!! I will see you next time and good luck to everyone in their exam, and myself obviously 😂🤞🏼🤞🏼

Mandy xx