Placement update! 英國實習近況更新💼

Hello everyone, it’s the time for some blog again! Some of you might be wondering how come I became so on-time for updating the blog – that’s because it’s the end of the term time! Actually I have only got 6 days until going back home which I am really looking forward to it. However, at the same time, I had a coming up exam as well🙃Thankfully that’s the only one I have this term, I’m not gonna mentioned how this month went for me with all the assignments I have just finished🤐Before I left, I think I’ll have to share my placement to you guys that I have mentioned few months ago. If you are curious, keep reading!


Should have went straight into the conclusion, which is I have got a placement position for the next academic year! There was definitely a hard time for me during these past few months to sort out all these placement thing, which actually make me think further in terms of my future plan, career expectation and even reevaluate my ability. Today I will be going through all the pain process for my placement hunting, which I hope it will help any of you who is thinking of going on a placement year. As I have mentioned in my previous article, my course is a little bit special which placement is compulsory for everyone of us. However, during some changes within the department, they have made an option for us to carrying on with final year instead of going to placement. However due to the 100% rate of the previous year students that have been on placement and some factors that I was considering, I have still decided to do a placement year.


These are the reasons why I chose to do a placement year:

  1. Work experience
    I think most of the people has seen this meme from somewhere…

       我需要一份工作                                   可是你沒有經驗

    但是我需要工作才有經驗啊             那就去工作啊

           所以我才在這裡咩                              我要工作經驗。

    我不工作要怎麼有經驗啦                  去工作。

    No matter where you are in the world, as a graduate while looking for a job the first thing they are looking for is “work experience”. Even though that was just a meme but it is 100% accurate which placement is the best route to get experience before going into “work”.


  2. Flexibility
    Although we all have some relevant experience in university for any kind of the situation, but it is definitely not the same while it comes to the real world. While you are a student, you can always fail and make mistakes, but people in real world they won’t wait for you and forgive everything just because you are a rookie. In that case, doing placement can make you experience the pressure and tension in real world and train your flexibility at the same time.雖然我們在學校就有一些經驗來面對各種狀況,但是這些跟現實社會還是有點出入。當你還是學生的時候,你可以一直犯錯不過社會上的人可不會慢慢等你還有原諒你每一個錯誤就因為你是菜鳥。所以說實習可以讓你提早體驗到職場上的各種壓力進而訓練你的應變能力。
  3. Potential opportunities
    潛在工作機會I would say this does affect quite a lot for me personally while choosing a placement position. Some companies do offer a position to their placement employee while they graduate, I won’t say this happen quite a lot, but there is definitely a potential. Especially for international students like us, the percentage and chances to stay in the UK and get a job it fairly difficult compare to the Europeans and local British students due to Visa. For a company to apply a work visa for a foreigner is another extra cost, if you didn’t do a placement year, there might be a very low possibility of you to work in the UK ever again as a new graduate. However, if you have chance to work under a placement year and prove yourself during the time you work there, you might get a single ticket to work in the UK.這項原因在我在選擇實習機會的時候的確影響我個人蠻大的,有些公司會提供正職的工作機會給那些畢業之後回來的實習員工,不過這真的也不常見但是的確還是有一些潛在的機會。特別是對我們這些國際生來說,跟那些歐洲學生或是英國本地人比,畢業後留在英國繼續過做的機率可以說是少之又少。因為要公司幫一個外國人申請工作簽證又是另一項成本,如果你沒有去實習,可能未來就不台有可譨在英國工作的機會了。不過如果你有機會在英國實習並且在工作期間證明你的能力,還是有機會拿到留在英國的單程票。

I am not saying that if you didn’t go on placement, you will never get a job after graduation or what. It is all depends on personal choice and I would love to take the challenge. Apart from “Surrey Pathfinder” that the university has provided as a job search engine for the students, you can still go on the common job haunt engine such as Indeed, Linkedin or even just type in the keyword you are looking for on Google. In the field that I am going for which is broadcast/media technology field, there are quite a lot of connections that our lecturers have that they are constantly sending us the placement brief and opportunities as well. Apart from the methods that I listed above, I have also went into each individual website of the big TV company to look at the vacancies. I have start placement job haunting since November apart from large companies such as Disney and Warner Brothers etc. quite a lot of the other companies started to release their vacancies from March and April. This is one of the time when I started to panic because of the lack of vacancies there were in the market.

我也不是在跟大家講說你一定要去實習,不然你絕對對找不到工作之類的blah blah blah… 這其實都是個人選擇而已,而我就想要跳出舒適圈去嘗試看看新的挑戰。除了我在前一篇文章說過學校提供一個叫”Surrey Pathfinder” 的工作搜尋引擎之外,你還是可以上一班的各大工作搜尋引擎像是IndeedLinkedin,或是直接上Google輸入你要的關鍵字。而我要找的在媒體和傳播科技方面,我們的教授有一些那方面的人脈,因此我們有時候也會收到一些職缺和工作介紹。除了這些方法之外,我也有上一些大型傳播公司的網站來看看他們有沒有貼出任何職缺公告。我從11月份就開始找工作了,除了像是Disney或Warner Brothers之類的大公司之外,很多職缺都是在差不多三四月的時候釋出的。正因為職缺在這期間真的不多,我也感到蠻不安的。

Just as important as doing job haunting, writing a cover letter and fulfill your CV is another key. We had a lecture last semester that is to introduce the whole process going through placement and some techniques of writing a CV. First of all, I will be declaring what’s the difference between CV and a cover letter. To explain it in an easier way, CV is the general document that you stated out what your skills are and cover letter is tailored to each company that includes the reasons of choosing them and your strengths that makes them to pick you. Obviously, you will need a CV first, and there are some points you need to look into when you are writing a CV. I will keep updating the following points for you guys next week when I get home!

而寫一份求職信和豐富你的履歷就跟找工作一樣重要。上學期我們有一門專門介紹實習過程和一些寫履歷的技巧我覺得對我非常有幫助。首先我就要來解釋一下求職信(cover letter)跟履歷(CV)的差別,簡單來說,履歷就是適用於各個職位上面寫滿了你所具備的技能而求職信就是針對不同公司說明你申請的來歷和你可以為這份工作帶來的價值等等。當然你首先一定需要一份履歷,而在寫履歷的時候有幾點需要注意。至於這些是什麼呢?就讓我下禮拜再回台灣之後再繼續更新給大家囉!

See you all next week~


Mandy x