英國實習週記💼:菜鳥報到! Placement Diary: Rookies alert!

Hello everyone, I’m finally back for another chapter of my uni life! As promised that I was supposed to update with more placement information during the time back in Taiwan, however I couldn’t make it due to all that Taiwan cuisine and catchups with the old friends! Apologize for the late update, but here I am😉As you can see from the topic, yes this is the brand new series of my placement records! From now on, I will still be answering any questions regarding life in Surrey also everything that happens in my placement period. Please stay tune with the series of articles that I have prepared for y’all☺️


It has been two weeks since I have started my placement, not quite as you guys have expected an intern has been doing, making tea lol. Not at all! Luckily in the company that I have got the job opportunity with, they have been listed out whole training/placement scheme for the placement students. In that case, you are not just sitting there doing nothing or everything, but it does gives out the whole structure of the industry and let you to explore the field that you are interested in. The complete plans for placement is one of the reasons that I chose this company as my placement. So what exactly have they planned for a placement students then? There are 8 main departments throughout the whole project process, in my first month, I got to go into every department each for around 2-3 days to get an overall structure of what this department is doing and get to know the whole process of the business. After the first month, I will get to pick 3 departments that I am interested in and get another 3 months to go through each 3 departments a bit in depth. Finally, after these 3 months, I will then pick a final department to stay for the rest of my placement.


I have to say this is the most detailed job description I have ever seen among all the placement vacancies, already half way in my first month but I am so ready for the rest of the challenges! Guess it is now time to reveal the industry I will be in for a year, people who has seen my OG posts already knew that I am studying Film Production course, but guess what I am not in a production company🤪 I ended up my placement in an industry that I assume most of the people didn’t hear about it before, which is A/V industry. Neither do I have heard of this industry before I apply for it, but basically it is an industry that install and design all different audio and video solutions for the clients. Projects can started from 5k to 5 million so it is actually a grown business although it is not that common. We have clients like FaceBook, HSBC or Netflix, the main thing we do is design their viewing room, conference room and auditoriums. Started from kit purchasing, design, install to maintenance, these are all include in our business.


In the first two weeks, I have been through 4 different departments which are PE(Project Engineer), CAD, rack build and rack test. Since it is just an overview of each departments, I didn’t really get the chance to learn the software they used to designed or actually taking part in any projects. What I have been done in the past few weeks was shadowing the manager or team member in each department and they will go through their job description with me to give me the insight of this job. Sounds pretty boring but there is actually a lot of things that I have to learn such as the terms and understand how to read the schematic etc. during their explanation of each job, I got the chance to ask and see their previous completed projects as well, which I will say this does let me understand more about the industry.

在一開始的兩個禮拜內,我已經見習過了四個不同的部門了,分別是PE(Project Engineer), CAD, rack build 和 rack test。因為在這個階段我只是要了解每個部門的工作性質,所以我並沒有真的去學習任何一個他們用來設計的軟體或是參與任何一個專案。而是在一旁見習各個組員或主管他們的工作內容,他們會帶著我介紹他們的之前所做的專案還有讓我大致了解整個部門是如何運作的。聽起來是有點枯燥啦,不過真的有很多東西需要學習,像是一些專有名詞啊還有學會看工程圖這些基本的。在見習的過程,我也可以隨時提問我不懂的或是有機會看到他們之前完成的大型專案,這些提卻加深了我對整個產業的了解也讓我對未來的選則有了一個大致的方向。

I think everyone has got an general idea of what I am doing for my placement up until this point, didn’t expect the introduction would be this long lol, as for the story that happened in each departments, I will put them in the upcoming article! See you next week~


Mandy x


p.s. Spoiler ahead for next week’s article! 下禮拜內容的劇透圖!