Student Ambassador 2019/20

Hello guys, today’s topic is very special which I can finally stop talking about myself… it is the time for you to shine! The application of student ambassador 2019/20 has opened (it actually opened a week ago sorry for not keep updating…!) and this is the opportunity for those of you who are looking for a flexible job on campus and of course a good-paid part time job! As I am currently on placement this academic year, I think it should be very helpful for any other Taiwanese students out there to take a sneak peek at the student life here in Surrey which we need another Taiwanese student ambassador. 

So, what does a student ambassador do? There are plenty of opportunities for you to choose from, which includes:

  • Open days
  • Applicant days
  • Higher education fairs
  • School visits
  • Student life presentations
  • Summer schools
  • Student information workshops
  • International blogging
  • Campus tours
  • Faculty specific events
  • Office admin
  • Teachers and advisers conference
  • Confirmation and clearing
  • Social and digital media
  • Taster days and masterclasses

Basically, a student ambassador will represent the university to involved in any big or small events, and you can choose which one to go to and when to go as well. If you are worried about that getting a part-time job will affect your study or even social life, student ambassador is definitely the best opportunity that you can choose from. Other than that, for instances the international blogging that I am doing now is definitely worth doing since I could get a chance to share my experience to everyone and also it is kinda like my diary for now! Besides, by answering the emails and helping out with open days etc. also improved my communication and problem-solving skills. Another benefit is you will get more chances to meet the other student ambassadors at the same time to expand your social network!

But don’t panic if you don’t have any experience before applying the job, the university will offer a series of training for every student ambassador before any new jobs start. So, come step out your comfort zone and join us!

Okay that was enough introduction I guess, so how do I apply? The application deadline is from 30th September to 13th October 2019. What you need to do is filling in the online application form by answering some related questions and select the field you would like to work. I know there are quite a few sections that you need to fill in but trust me it is not that hard; you can do it!

If you want to check out the detailed job purposed here’s the link:

Student ambassador scheme introduction:


If anyone actually get into the interview stage, leave a comment and I will come back to share some of my experience. Good luck!!!

Mandy xx