Phase 2 department overview! 短期部門實習結束!

Today I’ll be sharing my second phase department overview and the final decision that I made to stay over for the rest of my placement time.

From the last presentation, I have chosen three departments which are pre-sales, project engineering and manage on-site for my phase two department experience. I have stayed in each department for a month to shadowed and also took some simple tasks myself to get familiar with different job contents. Like before, I will simply introduce what I have experienced and learnt from each department then share some of my thoughts.

Firstly, I started from pre-sales, which one of the reasons that I chose to stay for my phase two work experience is to get an idea of how a project is been design from the beginning. What I have done the most during my time in pre-sales was jumping into several tender meetings, which we went through the requirements and client provided documents to create the design for the project. I was able to look at the new technologies and products during the design, but since the workload were pretty heavy, we couldn’t check every detailed technical aspects. The other work experience I have had was writing up a proposal for the streamline solution platform, which I literally went through most of the video conference solutions that AVMI designed the most for the clients. By going through each solution, I have familiarized myself with the system setup within different sizes of rooms which really helps me while I was doing some schematics in PE also obtained the product knowledge at the same time. I still really enjoy doing the overall first hand design for the entire project, but I think it will be more suitable if I do have some relative experience.

Then, I moved to project engineering. The first and the most useful thing I did in PE was to learn how to use AutoCAD, learning how to use AutoCAD also expanded my personal skills as well. I have went through several projects including creating schematics, rack and panel layout also the elevation for the equipment. By doing the design, I was able to go through the entire system to understand how it is going to be functioning which really strengthen up my technical knowledge in AV and the opportunities of learning all different types of setup. As for the handover meeting, even though I have only been into one of it but I have seen the details and contents that will need to be considered while doing the design beforehand, the constant communication within the team.

Lastly is my whole month of being on-site in Deloitte. They have got two main teams on site which are engineering and event team. I was basically jumping between these two teams while they do have any faults to sort out or if there is an event taking place. The good thing of being on-site is that I can get the chance to see how the end system works in daily-basis. By shadowing the maintenance engineers I have also learnt how to troubleshooting and give out solutions in a short amount of time. Apart from AV system maintenance, I have also went through the digital signage platform which requires to be updated weekly. It was very useful for me to see the system up and running in real life, but I’d say doing the daily maintenance and support isn’t the thing I was aiming for in the first place.

To conclude my phase two placement scheme, I would like to reveal my decision for phase three, which is staying in project engineering! What I have experienced in the past month, I am sure that by working on the projects, I could keep strengthen my technical-wise knowledge in AV and taking on more responsibilities as part of the team. What I will expect more in the future is definitely getting through more project processing and handover communications with project manager, rack build teams and commissioners. 

It is still hard to believe that four months has passed so fast and I am so ready to stay at PE for the rest of my placement time, more updates will come through so please stay tuned!

Mandy xx