Travel note – London (02/01/2020)

《久違的倫敦之旅 02/01/2020》

Really nice to hang out with my friend. Usually, I enjoyed travelling alone but the day was so nice❤️ Except the wind was big and freezing🥶

It’s such an interesting and tiring day😅

We’ve been to Camden town, Covent garden, Christmas market…
walked a lot, ate a lot, (window) shopped a lot… and everything had gone really well before heading to the coach station🤦‍♀️

The coach just drove away in front of us…holly “shift”!!!…(okay, I realised that it’s mainly my problem…🤦‍♀️But we arrived exactly at the time…)

After asking for help, the next available coach was in the midnight…So then we figured out the best solution which was taking the train back to Guildford. We were quite frustrated but, yep, it’s weird that we were still smiling and had time to take pics😂😂😂(that’s the time the first pic was shot).

Finally, we got on the right train and there’s no seat vacant so we squeezed through a group of people and stood in a small space beside a couple. Okay, when I thought that everything was gonna go back to the right track, the couple started kissing and hugging, and then…of course nothing for next.

It’s normal here to see that but I felt awkward cus they were standing just really right beside us (真正的電燈泡無誤). Moving on, things got worse, it’s starting pouring outside🤦‍♀️ Gosh, it was such a hard time to go back home🤦‍♀️