Placement Update: 疫情下的居家生活

It’s been so long since my last update on placement, when I realized it has been almost five months, apologies! First of all, I wish whoever is reading this are all keeping safe and healthy. I am doing well under the pandemic, remaining staying in the UK to finish my placement year. Everything wasn’t going as we all expected but definitely another lesson for all of us to learn from. So yah! Keep scrolling down to check out how’s my quarantine life if you are interested 😉

距離上次更新已經過了好久的樣子,仔細一看竟然已經隔了5個月…! 先來跟大家道個歉😅首先希望每個正在閱讀這篇文章的大家都保持安全跟身體的健康。我本人目前還是繼續留守在英國完成我剩下的實習,在這波疫情下過得好好的! 相信今年跟大家原先預期的有很大的出入吧,不過也讓我們都成長學習到蠻多東西的。所以如果還想知道我的自主個離生活是怎麼樣的話,就繼續滑下去吧 😉

The UK government announced the first lockdown on the 23rd of March, which I have been ask to start work from home a week before that, which means I am now currently under the 8th week of self-quarantine. Sounds crazy right, I know. Few days ago I was just talking to my colleagues (ofc on Skype!) we didn’t expect it will be that long when we all left the office staying super positive. I have actually went back to Taiwan during late January this year and spent some time with my family for the first time in five years to celebrate Lunar New Year. During that time neither of us knew that the whole Coronavirus will get this serious. Even though Taiwan was super quick and careful to take care of the pandemic, I also wore mask for the whole 23 hours journey to came back to the UK. Nobody expect that now the Europe and United States will be worse than Asia.


Although I said I am under “self-quarantine”, but I don’t have any symptoms neither the resident I am living with, don’t worry! But I don’t go out of the house expect getting groceries, reason for this was just simply because I am scared lol! I think it is more like a culture difference just simply look at the action of “wearing mask”. Not blaming anyone or saying that I have any medical knowledge to prove that wearing mask can prevent the virus, but in my opinion, I think wearing mask at least make me feel safe and also protect myself and other. But not for most of the British people I think, from what I am seeing in the town I live. People are still chilling under the sunshine with neighbors, walking their dogs, jogging etc. Sometimes it just make me think, is the pandemic actually happening or people are just acting calm? Well, the answer is easy to see from the statistic, if we cannot force the others to stay at home, keep the social distance, the only thing I can do is protect myself.


2m Social distancing queue

That’s pretty much my updates on my current situation here in the UK, I will update more about how I adjust to WFH in my next article. Remember, wherever you are in the world, stay home, stay safe, stay healthy!


See you all next time, very soon!!
Mandy xx