Procrastination v.s Self-Control 拖延症v.s自制力 ᕙ(•̀‸•́‶)ᕗ

Hello everyone! Haven’t came here for a while, hope y’all doing well and enjoy the quarantine so far! 🙈 In my last article, I mentioned that I would like to share how I adapted to work from home and as you can see from the topic. Working alone without anyone around you and.. in your house! How difficult is it to stay focus and keep concentrating? Trust me, as a Uni student (not that I’m saying that everyone do the same 😂) we all know the period before the submission, we left it until last minute cause we are not some secondary school children anymore that someone will staring and pushing you to finish something. I found it the same way when I start working from home haha. But! As a 10th month profession worker, I have found a few methods, might just suit me and my type of work, to share. Also, if you want to get some updates about the current situation in the UK, just keep scrolling.


It’s now the 4th month in quarantine for me and in our company, some policies and standards are all being adjusted to suit the current situation. One of the major thing is putting in the time onto the database to keep track on everyone’s process. Most of the people are still working and stay available online via email and Skype in regular work time, but for some of my colleagues, especially the ones with kids, they will have to spare some time for their kids and pick the work up later in the day hence work from home means it’s quite hard to see how everyone’s productivity straight away. Therefore our company came up with a method asking everyone to put in the time they have spent in projects over the week to record to analysis the workload and efficiency. In our team, we have started to transfer our working/communication method onto a software called Microsoft To-Do. It is basically a interactive to do lists which can share between team members to keep track and make commands on the actions. Both of these changes are very useful and definitely giving me the motive to constantly work through the tasks in daily-basis. In that case, my very first tip to keep productive working from home is, having clear list of tasks to be continued on that day and keeping constant communication with others to keep track on the projects. It can also be seen as another method of pushing yourself to be check on regularly.

現在已經進入第四個月的隔離了,公司內部有一些政策和規定也慢慢的因為現在的情況做了一些改變。其中一個重大的變化應該就是在資料庫開始記錄每個人的時數,畢竟每個人都在家工作的緣故其實還蠻難直接看到大家的生產力的。所以公司現在就要求每個員工必須要紀錄在每周在各個專案上所花的時間,好讓高層紀錄跟分析大家的工作量跟效率。我們組內也開始慢慢的把我們溝通、紀錄的平台換到一個叫Microsoft To-do的軟體上。其實這個軟體就像是一個可以互動跟和組員分享的代辦清單,可以紀錄跟做一些筆記。這兩個改變對我來說都蠻有用的,而且的確給我足夠的動力去專心完成我的工作。因此我第一個在家專心工作的方法就是清楚地列出今天需要完成的事,還有規律的跟組員、組長追蹤每份案子的進度,也可以說是另類的讓其他的監督的方法啦!

Talking about communication, although I have already had regular meetings within the teams and one-to-one even before lockdown. But I think it has became even more important since we are now WFH, that I am able to speak out any concerns that I came across also keep track on my progress. When my workload is lower I can also take on someone’s job during the constant meeting. My second tip is keeping regular communication and speak up anytime.


Last but not the leat, also the most important thing I think while working from home is to work comfortably! Comfort doesn’t mean laying in the bed holding your laptop and producing low efficiency, but the clean, tidy environment to work at. For me, it was quite hard at first cause I don’t really used to work in my room and I see my bedroom as a place to rest and not thinking about anything. But I have made some changes on my “workplace” thanks that I have a desk in my room, so I am able to separate my workplace now! By placing the laptop and monitor on the table, putting some cushions at the back of the chair and putting on some of my favourite music, I am now able to keep concentrate for hours!


Obviously I am still looking forward that I can go back to the office asap one day, but we still need to be as productive as we can under the current situation don’t we? Hope you all enjoy today’s article and I will see you very soon!


Mandy xx