Sandwich placement year assignments 實習報告✍🏼

Hi everyone, here comes another update here in the UK. Hope y’all doing good and stay healthy as always❣️ Recently the UK is finally looks like and feels like summer after a few weeks of splash and it’s boiling hot🔥 Believe it is the same and even worse in Taiwan haha, but still, handling the 32 degree without any AC is very tough. Last time we talked about how I adapt working from home and the period of my placement has about to end, obviously things don’t go as we planned but I still had a great time during my placement time and ready to go back to uni very soon. Back to the topic, some of you might curious how are we being scored during our time in placement, and today I will be introducing all the assignments that is included so stay tune!

大家好,又來到新的一篇在英國的近況更新時間了。希望大家都過得好也持續地保持健康❣️經過幾個禮拜的大雨洗禮,最近英國終於看起來有夏天的樣子了也真的是熱到爆 🔥相信台灣也是一樣啦,可能還更慘哈哈,但是要在32度沒有冷氣的環境下生存也是蠻困難的啦。在上一篇提到我是怎麼樣適應在家工作的模式,而我的實習時間也漸漸步入尾聲了。當然很多事情都沒有如我所預期的發展,不過我還是很享受我在實習的這段時間,也開始慢慢準備回學校了。回到這次的標題,感覺很多人會好奇我們實習的時候是怎麼評分的,那麼我今天就為大家詳細的來介紹吧,那麼就繼續看下去吧!

Although the assignments are all differ depends on the courses but they all have a similar layout which includes professional development review, placement report and presentation. First of all, professional development review is an Excel form separate into three period and break out in different areas to review the performance during the placement by the students themselves and the tutor. Students have to fill in with suitable comments in each areas before each tutor visit to go through everything together. This is a very useful form to keep both students and tutor aware f the current progress during the placement and speed up the visit discussion time to jump straight into the point. The feedbacks which are given by the tutor can be seen as another reference to improve and fulfil the placement report.

Professional Development Review form

雖然說不同的科系要繳交的報告都不盡相同,不過大部分都是差不多的內容,其中包含了 Professional Development Review(專業性發展評量) 實習報告還有簡報演講。首先Professional Development Review(PDR)是一份Excel表格分為三個不同時段跟不同領域需要填寫,讓學生本身還有教授來評鑑在實習期間的各個表現。學生們需要在教授來進行實習考察之前,在表格上的各個領域下填寫適合的評論然後再和教授一起討論。我覺得這是一個非常有用的表格,可以讓學生跟教授雙方都知道目前實習的進度,還有在進行面對面評量的時候可以直接切入重點來縮短時間。教授也會根據表格上的回答來給一些相對的評語,學生們就可以將這些評語反映到接下來要繳交的實習報告上。

Speaking of placement report, which is also the most important part among the assignments. This is a 2500 to 3000 words report which reflect everything you have done during the placement also reflecting yourself to look back what has been done right and what can be improve in the future to build the skill and mindset as a professionalism. Starting from introduction of the organisation to the job contents then finally self-reflection, this report can be seen as your whole placement experience results to get marked and reviewed. To support the report with some solid prove of your improvement during the placement is to listed out as much examples as you can. This can make your report looks more convinced and stronger, for sure this applies to any other reports as well.


Last but not the least is presentation, which we will make a 15mins presentation to both our coursemates and the current second year to showcase things that we have experienced during our placement after we go back to uni in the new semester. We will be able to see how people work and see in different industry, it is also a good chance for those who hasn’t done any work experience to get an idea and stat to think about placement as one of their options. Well, but due to the current COVID situation, the worse case is we will move the face-to-face presentation to an online one, but we’ll see!


After introducing all the assignment that will need to be done before the placement finishes, hope you have all get a deeper understanding about how placement programme works in Surrey. As you can see, I’ma be a busy woman to complete all these tasks! Next time, I will bring some more different topics so remember to come back! See ya 😊


Mandy xx