New Normal: 回歸正軌

Hey everyone! It’s time for another blog, how’s everyone doing? After a sweaty week with all those sunshine, not surprisingly the UK has since again return back to the rainy weather and officially got back to the Autumn season. But who knows after two weeks time it might go back to summer again😅 However! There was a major change referring the current COVID situation which is the lockdown has started to be released by opening restaurants and bars. It’s good to see that things are slowly going back as usual but I believe people will be adjusting to the new habits and restrictions and get use to the “New Normal”.

嗨大家!又到了新的一篇文章的時間了,大家都過得還好嗎? 經過了一個讓人飆悍充滿陽光的禮拜,英國又不意外的再次回到下雨的天氣了,也正式進入秋天了,不過誰知道過兩個禮拜會不會又變熱哈哈😅不過!最近發生了一個反應疫情的大變化,那就是英國已經開始開放餐廳跟酒吧來慢慢解封了。看到所有事物慢慢回到本來的樣子還蠻好的,相信人們也會逐漸適應,相信人們也會逐漸適應各種新習慣跟規定然後習慣所謂的”New Normal”

To be honest, even though people in the UK are still being positive to start hanging out and travelling, I still just personally think we need to wait for another while. Since the pandemic are not as controlled as in Taiwan, I just don’t have the courage to get back as usual that quick, still wearing mask while doing grocery shopping, FaceTiming my friends and all that. What I have seen and heard from people around me, even until now, all believed we all sort of got infected somehow and got immunised already so nothing to worry about. Not a professional myself, it was just culture difference and I will be doing the way I want to that makes me feel safe!


It must be quite though for some people to deal with not just financial issue but metal health problem as well. Not to lie by working from home for months, it does drives me crazy sometimes, and unfortunately I won’t get a chance to go back to the office before I finish my placement which is really a shame😢. But comparing to whom might suffer from losing job I think I am still pretty lucky that I can continued my placement till the end. However due to the current situation, although I have got a holiday for about 2 months time, I still decided to stay until moving back to University. Not just to get away from quarantine (although Taiwanese don’t have to quarantine when coming back to the UK) but also protect the people and my family in Taiwan by not travelling. Hopefully everything will be alright during Christmas so I can visit my family and friends again🙂


I think mindset is pretty important during this time, stay positive but stay safe and healthy is the number one rule of all time. Even though the gym is still closed, I have now starting the new routine myself by doing some home workouts and jogging in my neighbourhood to get some fresh air, instead just sitting in my room with my computer. Still hates it when I am sweating and suffering from planks or squat but it is the best way for me to get away from all the COVID issue and the bored by staying at home. I do suggest everyone to find a new habit or an interest during this time, it works pretty well!


Don’t know if you guys still remember the essay I have to do for placement, well the progress literally just stopped there when I last updated it 🤪 Gotta get back to it and get it done really soon, or… you know the conclusion haha. It was nice talking to everyone this week, don’t remember to come back anytime soon!

不知道大家還記不記得我上次提到實習要交的報告,那個進度在我上次更新之後就停在那了🤪 真的應該要開始回去完成它了,要不然..你知道下場的哈哈。很開心這禮拜又可以和大家分享我的故事,不要忘記過一陣子再回來喔!

Mandy xx