Covid-19 caught me…

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well in your life. Getting enough food, enough sleep and enough fun.

Today I would like to share my experience of catching covid-19:( Just to be clear, I am not a medical student nor a doctor, so I am not trying to give any advice on this. I am simply sharing my personal experience on what it felt like to catch the virus.

It felt like a flu until you see the two lines on LFT

I wouldn’t say I am a very careful person but l would always wear a mask whenever I go out and take the public transportation. I have already got the booster jab before catching the virus but unfortunately it didn’t keep me away from the covid-19. The first day I felt illed, I was suspecting it being a flu as I felt quite protected with three jabs. Luckily I wasn’t very sick, but I did develop some symptoms such as mild fever, sore throat, sore body and running nose, also felt quite sleepy. My symptoms were the most serious on the first two days. But after the second day, my fever went away, I just left with coughing and running nose.

For me the second worst part of this experience was self isolation and I need to be home for up to 10 days. As someone who enjoys going out, it was unbearable for me that I feel I will go mad if this doesn’t end after 10 days. And for some reason, during the time I was quarantine, the weather has been really nice in London that I can only enjoy it from the balcony of my flat.

How I teat it

From my research on NHS websites and experienced friends, I can take flu medicines and fever medicine to treat my symptoms. I quarantined at home for more than 7 days and finally get the negative LFT result on the last day of self isolation. I was lucky that the symptom never gotten really bad that I didn’t need to go to the hospital. But definitely after this time, I will be more careful when going out with friends and be wary of the place I go.

I can’t be sure where I caught the virus, but I suspected it was at the bar I went with friends. So my advise for anyone who enjoys going out, stay safe and remain alert even you considering yourself being healthy and young. Enjoy yourself but at the same time protect yourself and others by wearing face covering.

I hope you have learned some lesson from my experience and for those who are healthy stay safe and stay happy:) I will see everyone in the next post.