NYE nightout

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful week and had fun reading my previous blog. Today I want to share some fun activity I did during the new year.

Christmas day

I had quite a long break for my Christmas for around three weeks of holiday. My initial plan was to spend Christmas in New York to meet my relatives. But the trip was cancelled due to the omicron variant, so instead of skiing in Rockefeller Center I end up staying in London. Despite the disappointment, I still had fun spending Christmas with my friends. I stayed over in my friend’s house during the holiday. On the Christmas eve, me and my friend planned the whole dinner menu together. As unusual as 2021, we decide to cook something unconventional. Definitely not the typical Christmas dinner table, we had slow roast pork, nachos, mac and cheese and tiramisu for dessert. The process was long, we spent the whole evening cooking. Starting around 4:30 in the afternoon and we end up having dinner at 10 pm. Process was long but we had fun cooking and enjoyed each other’s company.

First and the last nigh out in London 2021

It’s my one and the only chance staying in London so I decide to go out on new year eve. For the night, I went to a bar and dance floor in kings cross with a group of girl I met on the Facebook group. Two of them are here for the gap year, the other girl is here for her studying for business degree and one other girl is from US on her exchange year. When we were ordering the drinks, we also met two girls that were friends with one of the girl in the group. These two girls are here on the working holiday visa experiencing life also studying language. It’s amazing how you can meet people around the world in London and see the different world through their stories. This is also what stimulates me in daily life and my type of entertainment, meeting new people and get to know their culture. Toward the end of the night, we all went up to the terrace in the second floor, let the fresh air and wind to clear the leftover alcohol and thoughts. Two of the guys just joined our table and starting having conversation with us. I really enjoyed the spontaneous and free during the night. Definitely looking forward to more night out this year.

I hope you all had fun reading my blog and getting a bit inspired.

Until the next blog, I wish you all had a good weekend.